How To Use Spotify In Nigeria and Other Unsupported Countries

The fact that you landed on this search query from the search engine shows that you have attempted to use Spotify in Nigeria, and it wasn’t successful. You searched for the Spotify app on your app store and didn’t find the app. It has now dawned on you that Spotify isn’t really available in Nigeria. Thankfully, there is a fix you can employ to evade Spotify’s lack of support. This will be treated in this article on how to use Spotify in Nigeria and other unsupported countries.

Putting Spotify’s popularity into consideration makes it difficult to ascertain the reasons why we will still have countries without Spotify’s reach. Come on, Spotify has been measured as an alternative to the highly-rated Apple Music, and yet we don’t have access to the service in Nigeria. While this lack of support lingers, enthusiasts can bypass restrictions by assuming a different identity using a VPN service, which will let you use Spotify on your smartphone, tablet, and computers in unsupported countries like Nigeria.

How To Use Spotify In Nigeria and Unsupported countries

As you might have known before now, Spotify is available on different platforms. This means that Spotify can be accessed through different platforms. In a bid to satisfy the needs of many, we provide procedures for using the major devices to access Spotify in unsupported countries.

How To Use Spotify on A Computer in Nigeria

1. Install a VPN Network: The first step to getting Spotify to work in unsupported countries is by employing a VPN. As mentioned in one of the previous paragraphs, this VPN network gives you the identity of one of the countries Spotify supports. An example of such countries is the UK and the USA.

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One of the easiest ways to get a VPN running on your computer is to download a VPN extension for your browser. For example, Hola VPN is a free VPN extension that can be used on the Google Chrome browser. The Windscribe VPN browser add-on is another fantastic option for changing your browsing location to a supported country.

2. Select The Address of a Supported Country: After you might have successfully installed a VPN on your computer, the next and second most crucial step is to select the address of a supported country, which will be used in place of your real country address. You are advised to select either the UK or the USA.

3. Quickly Create a Spotify Account in Nigeria: Now that you have successfully maxed the identity of your IP address, you can proceed to visit to create your Spotify account. If for some reason, you still get the message that Spotify isn’t supported in your country, you are required to troubleshoot your VPN, as it indicates that the connection isn’t properly set.

4. Enjoy Spotify: You have successfully created a Spotify account, and you can now enjoy streaming Spotify content off the website or desktop app. Remember to keep the VPN running while you use the service.

How To Use Spotify on Android Phones & Tablets in Nigeria

The procedures are pretty much the same as using Spotify on computers in Nigeria. It’s basically the same principle. You’d need to get a VPN and afterward proceed to register on the service. However, we are going to run through the steps. The steps are outlined below:

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1. Download and install a free VPN app (such as betternet VPN, Windscribe, etc.) from the Google Playstore

2. Launch the VPN app, and select a Spotify supported country. Just in case you don’t know any, you can choose between the USA or the UK.

3. Download and install the Spotify app from a third party website

4. Register on the platform

5. Begin using the Spotify service

How To Use Spotify on An iPhone in Nigeria

1. Download and Install a VPN app from the Apple app store

2. Set the VPN to a supported address. The USA is highly recommended

3. Now logout your current Apple ID and then proceed to register a new Apple account, with American particulars

4. No launch the Apple app store to download the Spotify app

5. Launch the Spotify app, register, and begin enjoying the service

Wrapping up:

There you have it –  you just learned how to use Spotify in Nigeria and other unsupported countries. If, for some reason, you face any difficulty, feel free to reach out to us through the comment section below.

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