Free browsing For your android Phone using 500 free mtn mb –

This little tutorial is for android users only send the word “mobile tv” to this short number “5600”.

Then follow the link they sent you to activate the service  after  that check ur mb is active by pressing *559# and if u can see 500mb in there. tab on => settings-wireless-mobile network, and
create new access point settings =>insert apn-
proxy server=>
port=> 80.
choose internet as apn type. save it and download this Continue Reading Free browsing For your android Phone using 500 free mtn mb


Update! 2015.

How to browse free on MTN

According to the text message sent by MTN Nigeria, the free night browsing is unlimited and can be used to download, stream, open websites and update apps on your internet enabled devices.
The free internet browsing is available for all night long every day when you spend at least NGN200 during the day! Unlimited data available between 1:00am – 5:00am. Only on MTN iPulse!

Here’s how to migrate to the MTN iPulse for the unlimited internet browsing offer

  • Migrate to iPulse (if you are not already there) by
    dialing *406# for free.
  • Use up to N200 to make calls or send text messages during the
    day to qualify.
  • Wait for it to get to 1:00am, then restart your
    phone and start browsing  free on MTN.
  • Stop surfing once it gets to 5:00am as that is the daily deadline for this offer
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