How to Remove Image Backgrounds Quickly with BG Eraser

A handful of years ago, it was virtually impossible to remove background without Photoshop, but today it can be achieved with just a few taps on a smartphone. The word Photoshop in this digital era means an altered photograph. For example, when President Trump’s face is blended seamlessly with Joe Exotic’s head to form a viral meme.

According to statistics altering photos for fun is only a tiny percentage when compared to the professional use of this widely popular practice, and most consumers want to swap an existing boring background with something appealing. But until recently the best tool for the job was the image editing software Adobe Photoshop which is not accessible to many due to the following reasons:

  • Adobe Photoshop is an expensive tool that is more suitable for professionals.
  • This image editing application is resource-intensive for devices like computers.
  • There is a slight learning curve to pulling off a well-done background swap.
  • It takes time to produce quality unless you are Scott Kelby.

Why Photoshop Is No Longer The Best Choice

There are still many die-hard fans who prefer using Adobe’s software to remove background from photos, but that number is only dropping. Anyone who is looking for the service will instinctively fire up a browser and type, “background eraser online,” and most people add the word “free” in that phrase.

Surprisingly even people that are exceptional with Photoshop have admitted to searching for similar terms online. The main reason why almost everyone is looking for an alternative is that they want a tool that will remove background from photos automatically.

Photoshop works by manually tweaking an image, but users today want to shoot, apply edits, and share online all within five minutes. No one wants to spend their time on a screen using the magic eraser tool in Adobe’s image editor, and everyone wants the automatic online options which are powered by artificial intelligence.

The Benefits Of Using AI Solution To Remove Background From Images

Artificial Intelligence is the viable alternative to remove background without Photoshop because it automates the whole process. AI used machine learning to identify parts of an image and can efficiently separate the typical elements of a photograph, which are the background, the middle-ground, and the foreground. When observed intimately, these parts are usually lit differently, and the colors are also different in most cases.

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For that reason, most free background eraser online tools will correctly remove one colored background from an image but will perform poorly with a busy environment. So many consumers go for paid services such as BgEraser because they offer the following benefits:

  • They save time, and the whole process could take less than a minute to five minutes for batch photos. However, speed mostly depends on the internet connection.
  • They are efficient when it comes to multiple photographs because man is to error, but an AI will flawlessly remove background from photos.
  • AI is available at any time and can be accessed from everywhere as long as there is a network connection.
  • AI offers more advanced tools that make the photograph natural and appealing, while Photoshop will be as good as the eyes of the person operating it.
  • It is cheap because the tools offer free services, so no need to pay that overpriced Craigslist Photoshop ‘guru’ or register with your credit card on a background remover website.

There are endless benefits for image-background removing AI, but those mentioned above are main, and one of the best AIs on the internet is BgEraser.

An Overview Of Background Eraser(BgEraser)

bgeraserBgEraser can be found by visiting, and they are one of the best or perfect automatic BG remover for beginners. The main advantage of this background eraser online tool is that the image’s pixels are not affected in any way, unlike other tools where uploaded pictures become pixelated a little.

Another notable feature is that anyone visiting the website can erase image backgrounds for free as long as the photograph is 800 by 800 pixels and does not exceed two megabytes in size. For larger images, a user can quickly create an account because the process only requires an email address and a password, and you’re in.

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How To Use Background Eraser To Remove Background From Images

editing with bgeraserafter removal

Apart from using the free tool on the website, here are a few steps to follow to use the tool:

  • After registering, you need to verify your email address. Click on the link that’s sent to you after filling out the password.
  • Login and here, you will be able to erase the background of an image that is 2000 by 2000 and 5 megabytes as the maximum size.
  • There is a button to click or drop files you need to remove backgrounds from.
  • Once the image is uploaded, click on the start button.
  • Once it has completed analyzing, press on the download button.
  • The result will blow your mind, especially the way the edges are smoothed out.
  • When you upload many files, there will be a warning that “too many files added.” Ensure you are uploading a few photos at a time.
  • Repeat steps two to five whenever you want to use the service in the future.

The alternative method to remove background from images

An alternative free tool to remove background without Photoshop is Office 365.

Surprise? Yes, it is true. Office 365 provides an easy way to remove the background from any image you have inserted. You can follow the steps below to erase photo backgrounds with Office 365:

  1. Insert a picture and select it. Then go to Picture Form and Remove Background.
  2. The background area will be marked for removal while the foreground will be retained.
  3. Office 365 also provides editing tools for you so you can customize the removal area. Click “Mark Areas to Keep” and “Mark Areas to Remove”, move the pencil to erase the unwanted part in the picture.

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Technology is becoming more intelligent by the day and has started to surpass human capability in most places, especially on how to remove the background from photos. You can save money and time by going for Background Eraser the next time you are looking for an accurate AI solution.

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