Top 5 Best Free VPN Apps that Protects your Privacy Online

If internet privacy, surfing anonymously, accessing blocked websites, using censored content and services is a big concern to you, this article is for you as we’re going to discuss about the best free VPN clients that protects your online privacy by letting you surf anonymously.

Its no longer a news that most users from other countries outside the US are restricted from accessing, Netflix, Hulu,, sportify and other inetrenet resources.

VPN (Virtual private network) clients will help you bypass this silly restrictions and enjoy your favorite online resources without the fear of government censorship and/or blockage.

Today, I bring to you my selected list of top 5 best free VPN apps for secure internet browsing. Forgive me if your favorite VPN software isn’t on my list ‘cos I’m focusing on the best free clients that really works.

1. Tor

Tor is hands down the best free VPN software out there, it is an open source project and so comes at no cost at all.

Tor VPN clients will normally give every user unlimited access to all their
servers and services. There’s Tor for Windows, Mac, Linux/Unix, and

Tor protects your internet activities by bouncing your communications around a
distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around
the world.

It is free to use: no ads, no trial pay or premium services of any kind.

Download link :

2. PD-Proxy

PD-Proxy is one good VPN software I have fallen in love with of recent, the ability to tunnel, secure and encrypt my internet connection at such a high speed makes it a great choice for a young geek like myself.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re accessing a connection from school, restricted countries, hotel, company and/or any ISP that restricts your access to websites and resources; PD-Proxy VPN software will remove the restrictions and help you surf anonymously.

The free version has a limitation of 100mb per day; this is the only turn off for me being a pro-surfer that won’t have need for a 100mb access.

The free version will limit you to the demo servers alone which aren’t as good as the premium ones. It is advisable to purchase a premium plan if you’re gonna enjoy the PD-Proxy VPN services.

PD-Proxy VPN is very light-weighted and can run on all windows version later than 2000. Their support forum have got resources to help you get started with their services.

Download Link:  Go get PD-Proxy VPN Services.

3. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield has been my favorite VPN software for over 3 years, I see no reason to dump them even in the
future, all thanks to adblockplus and kaspersky internet security for hiding their annoying ads from me.

Hotspot shield can unblock gaming websites, movie channels, music and video resources by bypass filters and firewalls.

The features of Hotspot Shield free version is so numerous for a free VPN client, the only major difference between the free and elite version is the ads and that alone.

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Except you need premium support, ability to use dedicated IP and all that; I don’t see you upgrading to their premium account soon.

Download Link :

4. CyberGhost

CyberGhost free VPN client works in such an efficient way to protect your online activities, providing top-notch security and anonymity without slowing down your internet connection.

The only limitation with the free version is that it disconnects after 3 hours of continuous usage, you can connect immediately after disconnection.

There’s CyberGhost VPN client for windows, mac, linux/unix, iOS and android. It allows the free user enjoy unlimited data transfer and bandwidth using several servers across US and Europe.

Download link :

5. Private Tunnel

Private Tunnel VPN is a good free VPN software for a basic surfer and provides a flexible means of surfing anonymously.

The free version is limited by 100mb data cap which can be increased by referring users to them. You only pay for the data you consume with Private Tunnel.

Download link :

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