how to transfer / share Airtel MB (data bundle) with friends

Airtel data MB sharing secrets

As part of Airtel Nigeria’s innovative services, they have lunched the opportunity for one to share data bundle (subscription) between friends and colleagues. This could be useful to most postpaid bb subscribers who don’t use their data cap too often as you can simply transfer it to your kids, friends, etc. who might need them by using any of these codes:

for Airtel 25MB
Dial *141*712*11*recipent#

for Airtel 60MB
Dial *141*712*9*recipent number#

*141*712*4*recipent number#.
Recipient Number is the number you want to transfer the data cap to.
Example: if you are transferring 10mb to This Number
you will dial *141*712*11*0708xxxxxxxx# and press SEND.

Steps to Share or Transfer Airtel Data Bundle (MB) Plans with Friends

A lot of complaints have been made about the former procedure which happens to be true. Airtel recently updated their data bundle plans and sharing codes.

This part is created to guide you on the proper steps to take when buying a data bundle plan for someone else or sharing yours with family and friends.

Note that the recent data share capability on the Airtel Nigeria’s network is code-named SmartSHARE and lets you have access to:-

  • Me 2 U:  That allows sharing from an already purchased bundle. “giving out” or “sharing” from an already purchased data bundle from an “owner customer” to other customers. In this case, the given out data subscription bundle will reside in the other customer’s wallet. Only one customer can be Me2U’d at a time.
  • Gifting: That allows buying a data bundle plan from the “owner customer” to another customer; data bundles in this category includes all the bundles listed on Airtel’s list of bundle plans and Airtel Android Data bundles.
Data Subscription Plans & Codes for Mtn, 9Mobile, Glo & Airtel Nigeria

New Update on Airtel Megabyte Sharing for 2020 and Beyond

Now to share Airtel MB in the latest update on Airtel data MB sharing, you will need to complete these steps:

  1. Dial *141# USSD code on your phone and send it.
  2. Choose option 6 from the next window and click on send
  3. Pick option 2 (for data gifting) or 3 (for data Me2U), depending on your data sharing needs
  4. For option 2 (i.e., data gifting), Select the plan you’d like to gift and enter the recipient’s phone number to complete the MB data sharing exercise.
  5. For option 3 (i.e., data Me2U aka data sharing), select the option send Me2U from existing allowance (i.e., the second option).
  6. Enter the recipient’s number from the next window
  7. Type in the amount of MB you’d like to share to the person (e.g., 200) and click on send to complete the data MB sharing action.

You can also dial *141*6*2# (for Airtel data gifting) or *141*6*3# (for Airtel data sharing) directly for quick access to the MB sharing service.

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  1. obiora says

    i want to share airtel data to my friend but it write ussd code invalid what wil i do

  2. James Kyanyon says

    I have tried to transfer data to a friend using the above codes but I saw ussd string no.not recognized.please put me through

  3. kufre says

    I have tried it and is not working pls can we have the right source because in ne
    ed it help out plz

    • Thanks for your feedback Kufre,
      I have updated the content with a data gifting method that really works. Thanks for the heads-up.

      • Noah John says

        How did you do it I tried my best but found no way out

  4. BretMcVilly3 says

    Heya i am for the first time here. I came across this board and I find It truly useful & it helped me out much. I hope to offer one thing back and help others such as you helped me.

  5. Yunus says

    how to transfer Airtel data to my friends and airtime

  6. Austin N says

    Can one transfer data from airtel Android Data bundle? And not the ordinary data plan?

  7. ifypat says

    USSD string is wat I got it nt working I dnt why

  8. Austin ifeanyi says

    Pls can u send from airtel to mtn

  9. confidence says

    how long dose it last I mean d one u shered to a friend

  10. Chris says

    please what is the ussd code send it to me have tried sending but not working thanks

  11. wale says

    I have more than 1000MB yet I cannot send just 100MB. They always claim “insufficient” data .

  12. chinwe says

    pls I tried to share Airtel data with my sis using d above codes, but dey said it is not recognized. pls can u put me tro. tanks

  13. Tommy says

    pls I am trying using d me2u but its asking of pin, pls which pin is it referring to? thank u.

    • You can change your pin from defaults from using the same menu. The default pin is usually 0000

  14. Kenneth says

    How can I know if somebody is sharing my airtel bundle…I suspect somebody is sharing it with me..I just recharged 6gig and in just four days it remains 5mb…I didn’t download anything jut to open Facebook And check my mail..none of my app is on auto update..please somebody comment

    • You can view numbers sharing your Airtel data bundle subscription plan from the USSD menu or by asking their customer service personnel

  15. wapvi says

    very useful post… tanx guys

  16. tosin says

    I want to share data with my friend bt I got a reply like ussd code invalid pls what will I do

  17. boycute says

    I just tried of typing dis ur cold again bros

  18. tina okolie says

    I have been using the above codes. it is not working. it says USSD string.

  19. sara says

    y is it dat airtel Wen u buy data the network give problems

  20. Olabode says

    How can l add ppl to friend and family on Airtel

    • To add a number
      Dial the following USSD string – *141*2*NUMBER# e.g., *141*2*08080000000#

      To remove/delete numbers

      Dial *141*3*NUMBER# e.g. *141*3*08021234567#

      To view your list of registered numbers
      Dial *141*5#

  21. sadeeq says

    how can I get my string number

  22. Victoria says

    Please can I send data from Airtel to mtn? If yes please how?

    • It does not work that way Victoria, but you can tether your Airtel data to be used on other devices you own.

  23. Danny says

    Not working HEEELLLLLLPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Olabisi ayomide says

    Pls,ooooooo……. The me2u is not working 4 me, I tried sending it, buh it is not going, it is just saying successfully sent, and am not seeing d sent data, I av over 1.5gb,helpppppp!!!!

  25. rawl says

    Can i share bb sub with with a friend who uses Android?

  26. Mnight says

    I was trying to transfer data from my other airtel line to a friend for the second time.. But they keep on telling me that, the number is not eligible for these offer. why..?

  27. Chi says

    Pls I don’t understand. How exactly do I transfer 2g to another Airtel line.

  28. Tanimu says

    Obasi chairman am very happy to see ur Post,am selling mtn share data and most of my customers asking me airtel share data helf me with instructions
    This my number sir 08095975757

  29. Tanimu says

    If I can have number I will have happy

  30. Morrison says

    I have try to shere but not working

  31. Uty says

    i try to send data again and it says recipient not eligible for dis offer…y?…or does airtel have a time limit for the recipient to be eligible once again?

  32. praise says

    Pls,ooooooo……. The me2u is not working
    4 me, I tried sending it, buh it is not
    going, it is just saying successfully sent, and am
    not seeing d sent data,& d browsing is not working I av over

  33. Olu says

    Pls how can I use bb sub on android.. Thanks

  34. wegba says

    I want to share mb to my friend but i have forgotten my pin and to change it requires the old on and i don’t know it pls how can i till change it

    • You’d need to get in touch with Airtel customer care to effect the password change bro

  35. akin says

    which kind of airtel plan can be share.can one share android plan

  36. Seunfunmi says

    haven shared data using me2u on a number how can I still re share a data on thesame number have previously shared to:

    Secondly can I share a data from me2u i.e can I share a data from the data that has been shared to me to some other number

    • Seunfunmi says

      Pls Note that i received a message; Dear customer, the recipient, 0802xxxxx is not eligible for this offer

    • The second option isn’t feasible while the first remains active as long as the data bundle plan from the source is renewed prior to expiry.

  37. AlhassanTahir says

    this airtel data transfer its not working abeg i had try it tire but is not working to me and some people are appriciate of it ,why airtel are doing like this ooo

  38. abdulrahim says

    the ussd code is not working

  39. Fred says

    Pls how can d recipient check d share balance?

  40. Rich says

    For those seeing ‘the recipient not eligible for this offer’….. It means dat de person hasnt exhausted de first transferred data

  41. Adebayo Ezekiel says

    How to transfer 50mb to a friend from my own android subscription.

  42. chinedu odom says

    obasi miracle pls can u help me out of this problem,i want to transfer my data to my friend and is not working.

    • You can get in touch with customer support if there’s a specific challenge with your sim.

  43. Precious dharmy says

    What if you have forgotten your password and you wantu change to a new one.. And U have forgotten old password

  44. Jem says

    Please I need airtel customer service support number. I just subscribed the 10k unlimited but I can’t seem to browse even after connecting

  45. B. Shehu says

    Pls how can I share my data with other person. Just like d Glo did there own.

  46. Rashers lasisi says

    hello, is better airtel Nigeria make their data sharing simple like dat of glo. With glo u don’t even need to transfer, u can add ur relatives or friends permanently on ur data. It was bcoz of Dis service I shifted to glo. Bcoz my self and wife don’t need share data, but added her permanently on d line. Airtel network is one of d best but include d service above. Thanks

  47. Adeleke says

    how do I change my default pin

  48. SLeemy says

    I tried to get in touch with customer care on 121 but don’t know which number to press to be directed to speak with any of em

    • You’d need wait for the zero prompt. That’s the option that connects you to a live support staff

  49. peter says

    how canni share 500mb with a friend? I realised i cant send more than 200mb using the *141#.Is there any other code for sending above 200mb?

  50. I jobs highb says

    Pls,i’ll like 2 know d person or number sharing my data.hv been hvn problem with sm1 sharing my data and I don’t know d number.

    • dial *141# and then * and then data share and use the option to view beneficiary

  51. Tope says

    Plz ve been trying to transfer mb to my friendz it nt going.Wat do i do?

  52. matilda says

    obasi miracle please issit possible to convert mb to credit? if yes how?

    • You can send or share with friends that needs it for a token fee. That’s the only method I know for now

  53. Parago says

    How is D’s possible…can u pls explain further

  54. Eno says

    I need to transfer an airtel subscription to an mtn number , please is there a code for it?

  55. ayeni zainab says

    what is d code to transfer data from airtel to airtel

  56. Wesley says

    I’m trying to share data or credit or even gift data or credit bt it keeps telling me my line is barred from using this service

  57. Yusuf says

    How can I get my old data sharing pin please help me to find out

  58. Tolu says

    it also not working for me,it says ussd sring not recognized

  59. Hormololah Hohluwahfunmilaryour says

    why can’t I transfer more than 200mb on airtel to airtel

  60. Dav says

    Wow, that was a very useful post up there! I Enjoyed this and transfered Airtel data with it.

  61. Godslove says

    Please how can the recipient check the shared balance? help please

  62. Davido says

    How can I transfer data from MTN to airtel

  63. Ancestor says

    Wow! Data Bundles Just Got Better With Airtel. Nice One Admin

  64. Horpeyemi says

    I tried to me2U/date gifting to someone but I was unable to exceed the limit of 200mb,and I wanted to do more than that…

  65. Tomi says

    Is it possible to gift data to international numbers?
    If yes, how please. Urgent

  66. Matty says

    Someone just transfered data to me it showed successfully transfered but it didn’t I am stalk,the person cannot resend because of exausting d required amount of mb per day..the number sent to is mine verified.No mb and cannot contact airtel…how do I go about this…

    • Adejoke sunmola says

      Please I was sent a data, and it getting remove from the sender but not getting to me,it still remain 0mb? please what is the solution??

  67. Sulaiman Abdulhakeem says

    I have been trying to transfer data to someone and it’s saying the number I want to transfer to is not eligible
    Pls help me out

  68. Emkay says

    Someone transfered data from my sim, please how can i know such number

  69. Asala Olarewaju says

    How can I be shearing my internet data wi my love one even if their not with me anything I buy data they should have access to use it

  70. Osas King says

    Pls i received a message; Dear customer, the recipient, 0802xxxxx is not eligible for this offer; this was after transferring to this same number twice before now, but i received this message when trying to transfer the 3rd time. Please help me through.

  71. Success says

    İ sent 100mb to a friend and still want to share another 100mb but a command poped saying i cant share less than 3mb or more than 200mb. Please put me through

  72. Bashar Abubakar says

    Why is that when I transferred Data to one of my Airtel Sim card it shows me the recipients are not eligible for this offer?? Please I need a solution

  73. Opeyemi says

    How can I transfer Airtel to Airtel data

    • Chidera says

      I was blocked in my airtel line and I have data on it and I also use mtn how do I send it to mtn line

  74. Freddy says

    I tried sharing but the message I got is that the 0907******** is not eligible for the offer!

  75. Temitope says

    I tried sharing but the message I got is that the 0802******** is not eligible for the offer!

  76. Bossbaby says

    I tried sending and keeps saying the number is not eligible

  77. Emmanuel David says

    I tried the code but it didn’t work….
    Airtel is so annoying.
    I just subscribed 2g plan but I can’t access the internet at all

  78. Oluwajana Boluwatife says

    I tried it but it’s telling me that the number is not eligible for the package

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