10 Best Free VPN for Android Phones and Tablet Devices

Generally, VPN  services are split into paid and free versions, as most VPN providers offer both paid and free plans. However, enthusiasts must note that free VPN plans come with some limitations that set them apart from the paid ones. These limitations do not totally hinder your ability to mask your identity on the internet. This is majorly true in cases where the enthusiasts choose a truth worthy provider. As such we explore a comprehensive list of 10 of the best free VPNs for Android phones and tablet devices. These free VPN providers are trustworthy and highly secured.

The need to exercise great caution when patronizing free VPN services cannot be undermined. It all boils down to your security. There are free VPN providers who pretend to shield your identity on the internet but are actually selling your identity to the highest bidder for different purposes. In order not to fall victim to such scams, you are advised to take cognizance of the VPN services in this article.

As mentioned in the first paragraph, you should be expecting some limitations. Limitations, that may include a shortlist of options, pertaining to the number of countries you can choose from,

1. TunnelBear Free VPN

Best Free VPN for Android Devices

Having had over 10 million downloads, the Tunnel Bear VPN is unarguably one of the most sorts after VPN services available today. Tunnel Bear has over the years been able to acquire a robust number of users, by offering top-notch VPN services that spread to both its free and paid plan.

Tunnel Bear offers 500MB of VPN data for free. It also makes provision for enthusiasts to get more data when they tweet about tunnel bear and also download on their PC. Tunnel Bear also doesn’t include ads in their free plans. What’s more, Tunnel bear’s free plan offers 23 countries of which enthusiasts can manually select.

Enthusiasts whose needs surpass the free plan can proceed to opt for the premium plan, which begins at

2. Hotspot Shield free VPN for Android

Best Free VPN for Android

The Hotspot Shield VPN is another example of top-ranking free VPN services. Where the Tunnel Bear free VPN service offers 500MB per month, Hotspot shield offers 500MB of secured VPN internet, which amounts to 15GB of data per month. However, enthusiasts won’t have the luxury of changing locations like you would with Tunnel Bear.

Enthusiasts who desire more than 500MB per day and also enthusiasts who desire to have the power to change locations, will have to settle for a premium Hotspot shield sub, which starts at $7.99


3. Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection

Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection

Kaspersky VPN which is more popular for its desktop-based VPN is another top-notch VPN provider to consider when looking for Free VPN providers for your Android device. It is a trustworthy VPN provider that helps hide your location from the public. However, enthusiasts, most know that they will be allocated 200MB of VPN data, which can be bumped to 300MB of data per day if the app is connected to a Kaspersky account.

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Unlike the Tunnel bear, Kaspersky doesn’t let enthusiasts manually switch countries. This means there is a high chance you will automatically switch to another IP address each time you fire up the system. Enthusiasts who desire more than the services offered in the free platform will have to subscribe to the Kaspersky premium package, which starts at $2.5 per month.

4. Avira Phantom

Avira Phantom

The Avira Phantom is yet another VPN service, that offers both free and paid plans. Enthusiasts who settle for the Avira Phantom free plan offers enthusiasts 500MB of free VPN secured in a month. This is way less than the 15GB of data Hotspotshield offers. However, unlike Hotspot shield, enthusiasts will have the option of manually choosing from a list of 40 locations.

The Avira Phantom VPN also doesn’t require your personal data, all you need is to download the app and forge ahead to set up the VPN with the location you desire. Enthusiasts who desire to go premium will have to settle for a fee of $6.5 per month.

5. Hide.me

Best Free VPN for Android phones

The Hide.me free VPN service may not be as popular as the likes of Tunnel Bear and Kaspersky, but it’s certainly no slouch. As a matter of fact, it allows its users to use up to 10GB of VPN data per month. It also offers enthusiasts the option to manually choose from a list of 5 locations from their multiple data locations.

The developers behind the Hide.me VPN service gives enthusiasts that assurance that they don’t need to bother about their information being leaked. To ensure this, Hide.me doesn’t store your activities, which leaves no footprint as you go. This is basically one of the things you should look out for when opting for free VPN services.

Enthusiasts who decide to ditch the Hide.me free VPN service for the premium one, will have to pay fees that begin from $4.99, which goes  $12.95 per month, depending on your preferred package.

6. Speedify

Speedify Free VPN

Still on the topic of 10 best free VPN for Android devices. Speedify is yet another highly recommended VPN service you should consider when searching for free VPN services. Speedify offers enthusiasts free 2GB of VPN data a month. Exceeding the data cap will reveal your identity.

Speaking on VPN locations, Speedify offers enthusiasts 37 locations to select manually. Some of these locations include the US, Japan, Italy, Australia, and lots more. Enthusiasts who desire more than the offerings in the free Package will have to pay a premium fee of $9.99 per month. However, Speedify offers a cheaper $2.99 per month package, with the condition that the enthusiasts purchase a two-year plan.

7. WindScribe VPN

Windscribe free VPN

Can’t afford to pay premium fees for a VPN service? Windscribe may just be the panacea to your plight. With over 20 servers in 10 different countries, Windscribe is offering enthusiasts a service that allows them to mask their internet identity for free. What’s more, enthusiasts have up to 10GB of VPN data per-month with this free platform, provided they lodge their Email in the Windscribe platform, otherwise, they will have only 2GB of data per month.

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Paying for the premium plan which goes for $9 per month will give you more than 60 plus countries and over 100 countries to choose from when selecting a location, however, paying in advance for a year’s plan will reduce the monthly fee to $4.08 per month.

8. Proton VPN

Proton VPN

The Proton VPN service may not be the most popular on the list, but it does pack in features craved by many free VPN craving enthusiasts. This feature is unlimited data. Unlike the already mentioned free VPN service, there isn’t any data cap here, however, this comes with a price. Internet speed is sacrificed. You won’t be getting the top-notch speed like the ones gotten on the rest, which is largely dependent on the number of users online.

Getting the full VPN package will cost charges starting from $6.33, which goes up to $30 per month depending on the services you opt for. What’s more? The Proton VPN service offers a secure platform that doesn’t record your browsing history, doesn’t display privacy-invading ads, doesn’t sell your data to third parties, and lots more.

9. Turbo VPN


Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN comes in as one of the best free VPN providers that offer their service in a completely free package. It lets enthusiasts tweak their location, with their VPN tools, without necessarily having to pay a premium fee. Plus it offers an intuitive interface that makes understanding the VPN system a breeze.

Inside the app, is a one-tap button that immediately masks your identity. Making it difficult for others to know your exact location. Much like the already mentioned free VPN apps, Turbo VPN can be downloaded from the Google Playstore.

10. Savage VPN

Savage VPN


Last but certainly not least, is the Savage VPN service, which is another recommended provider of free VPN service, which allows enthusiasts to mask their identity on the internet, which thus allows them access service not available to their country, and also prevent pilferers from tapping their data.

Savage VPN is 100% free and offers enthusiasts the option of choosing from a list of 12 locations, which include the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, Australia, and lots more

Wrapping up:

Free VPN plans aren’t really a match for premium plans. However, if you aren’t a heavy VPN user, patronizing free VPN service will certainly save you cash and while you are at it, you are advised to take cognizance of the listed free VPN apps, to prevent pilfering your data.

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