How To Transfer Megabites On Your Etisalat Line –
For you To be able to transfer MB on etisalat
network, it doesn’t necessarily need you to
migrate from the current tariff which
you are on. All what you need is to just
follow the following steps and that’s all.
On your phone dial:
*229*recipient*Amount Of MB then
followed by # e.g
*229*08083253341*50# OR
*229*recipient*Amount Of MB*pin#
Default Security Pin is=0000 After doing
this, the total MB you specified will be
transferred to the number you entered.


How To Transfer Megabites On Your Airtel Line –
To transfer airtel MB, follow the below
steps. >To Transfer 10MB: dial
*141*712*11*recipient# >To Transfer
25MB: dial *141*712*9*recipient#
>To Transfer 60MB:
dial *141*712*4*recipient#.
Note: Airtel will deduct #100 for 10MB
from your line immediately you transfer
the MB.

To learn more about it, dial 141 and
follow the voice prompts or you can call
airtel customer care on 111 That’s all.
Hope its helpful?
Drop your comments!

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