How To Download Disney Plus Movies and TV Show Contents

Disney plus, a renowned streaming service, has provided a solution for enthusiasts who desire to watch content offered on the platform, without having to constantly stream. In a nutshell, Disney plus now allows enthusiasts to watch content offline. In this article, you will learn how to download Disney plus movies and TV show content for offline viewing.

One of the major reasons people prefer to download Disney plus content to watch offline is the fact that it helps them get to escape the stress that goes along with streaming with a poor internet connection. More also, it helps them conserve the data they would have spent on streaming the particular content several times.

There is basically no limit to the number of contents you can download on your mobile devices running Disney plus. However please note that Disney Plus allows up to 10 mobile devices and you are also required to log-on on to Disney Plus web once every 30 days, to ensure a smooth sail of the service.

In order to have a smooth sail when downloading content on the Disney Plus platform, there are some prerequisites or measures you must take. These measures include adjusting the quality of the content you desire to download, setting the download location, limiting downloads to just Wi-Fi connection, and lots more.

How to change settings to download Disney Plus movies and TV shows

One of the important settings to put in mind before you go ahead to downloading content for offline viewing with Disney Plus is the quality of the movie or TV show you want to download. This has to do with the resolution.

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How To Download Disney Plus Movies and TV Show Content

The set resolution will determine the volume of data consumed when downloading and also the richness of the content.  Here are the setups to set the quality of the Disney Plus content to be downloaded for offline viewing.

Before you proceed to set the download quality, please note that the higher the download quality, the slower the download speed and verse versa.

  1. Log-on to your Disney Plus app
  2. Click on the app settings from the list in the menu
  3. Tap Download Quality
  4. Proceed to select the download quality that best suits your taste.

How To Change Download Location

Changing the location for which the downloaded content would be stored, is another important setting to look into. You don’t want interruptions to arise from insufficient storage. So you are therefore advised to allow the content download to a partition (Internal or SD-Card storage) with more storage space. You can set the download location from the settings.

Limit Download To WiFi Connection

Lastly, you might also want to limit download to just WiFi connection, this will prevent downloads from eating up your cellular data. You might also want to do this, in order to utilize the strong internet connection that comes from using the WiFi connection.

Limiting movies downloads to just WiFi connection happens in the setting menu. Launch the setting app and enable the “download Over Wi-Fi only” option.

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Downloading Disney Plus Movies and TV Shows

The fact that you have already made moves to adjust your download settings, indicates that you are ready to hit the download button. To download movies or TV Shows on the Disney plus platform, simply navigate to the desired movie or TV Show and then proceed to tap on the arrow icon that pointing downwards, to begin the download.

disney plus download screenshots 2

Please note that to watch the downloaded content, you are required to tap the download icon that’s located at the bottom of the menu on the Disney Plus platform.

Also, note that you won’t have access to the downloaded Disney Plus content when your subscription expires. Also, you would lose access to the downloaded content if Disney removes the content from their service. Ideally, the removal would take effect when you come online.

Wrapping up

There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial on how to download Disney Plus Movies and TV Show. If you have contributions, suggestions, or questions regarding this tutorial, feel free to drop them via the comment box below.

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