10 Best Free Chrome VPN Extensions for Secure/Private Browsing

The usefulness of VPN services cannot be overemphasized. If you need a service that keeps you secure and at the same time allows you access to restricted contents, then you should consider having a VPN service enabled on your device. Thankfully, Chrome has support for VPN integrations, which means we can have VPN chrome extensions on the browser. To further buttress this point, we explore a Read On

Best PPSSPP Settings For Smooth Game Play

The PPSSPP emulator is unarguably one of the best emulators for playing console games on Android devices. However, before you can enjoy the awesomeness of this emulator, you are required to have the right and best PPSSPP settings in place. This drill facilitates near smooth gameplay on all supported Android devices, especially the less capable ones.   In this article on the best Read On

How to Ensure Workplace Safety with a Digital Thermometer

Safety in the workplace has always been important. Yet in the Covid-19 era, it has taken on a new dimension. Businesses have not faced a health challenge like this since the HN1N virus caused a pandemic over 100 years ago in 1918. It's no surprise in this era - given how rapidly Covid-19 broke out globally, and how speedily we had to change how we live and work - that many businesses are still Read On

10 Best Apps to Stream Football Matches on Android and iOS

There is this joy that goes along with having to watch live matches. It's far from what you get from watching highlights or getting a narration of how the match went. However, keeping up with all your favorite matches isn't an easy thing, as you can't be glued to your TV 247. This is where Apps to stream Football Matches on Android and iOS comes into play. Football streaming apps are the way to Read On

10 Best Helpdesk Software for Businesses

Employing the use of Helpdesk software is the way to go if you desire an efficient communication system between customers and the actual customer reps. Helpdesk software help reduces the stress that goes with clustering customer queries. The benefits of having Help desk software incorporated is pretty much the same for small, medium-scale, and large businesses. It helps automate responses to Read On

Best Audio Editing Apps for Android

The need for a top-notch audio editing app cannot be overemphasized, especially in this era where many individuals have become inclined to creating content with their Android devices. There are a plethora of these Audio editing apps on the Google Playstore, which makes searching for the right now a bit herculean. This article reduces the task, by providing you with a list of 10 of the best audio Read On

10 Best Vault Apps for iPhone and iPad

Despite being personal belongings, there are times where you have to hand your iPhone or iPad to close buddies, who may want to check out your photos, listen to a particular song, e.t.c. These scenarios place your confidential files at the risk of being seen. However, the inventions of vault apps for iPhone and iPad mean we do not have to bother much about our confidential files being seen by Read On

5 Ways to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Windows PC

We can take wonderful photos with the iPhone. However, iPhone storage space is limited, and one day will be consumed by the increasing number of photos. In this case, you have no choice but to delete pictures to free up space. Each photo represents a memory, right? Of course, you would like to transfer photos from iPhone to PC as a backup. There are two official ways provided by Apple to help Read On