How To Turn Off PS4 Controller On PC

Some people do not know that there’s an easier way to turn off the PS4 controller via a computer. PS4 (Play Station 4) remains one of the most inspiring models of Sony’s gaming offering – PlayStation. The DualShock 4 gamepad is ergonomic and flaunts a stylish design that makes it preferable than Microsoft’s Xbox gamepad.

Irrespective of the type of game you’re playing, PS4 feels very much comfortable at hand, and the buttons’ placements are just the way a typical gamer wants it. However, some people are concerned about how to turn off the PS4 controller on the PC, and this guide details it all.

How to Turn Off PS4 Controller

ps4 controller
Here are the three best methods to turn off the PS4 controller on PC:

Method 1:

Here’s the first and most popular method, It’s a popular method because it doesn’t require turning it off from a computer. It simply means to hold down the PS button between the two analog sticks on your controller for some seconds – about 10 or more: your PS4 controller should turn off with this quick trick. Notwithstanding the fact that your PS4 controller is paired to a PC or the PS 4 console – this method should work perfectly.

Method 2:

Another way to turn off your PS4 controller is by getting into the DS4 Windows setting -“Disconnect from BT when Stopping.”  This will now cause the controller to turn off immediately you press stop. Next time, if you want to DS4Windows, press the PS button between the analog buttons, and the menu will pop up again.

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Method 3:

Lastly, to configure your PS4 controller to automatically turn off if you’re not using it for some time, here are the steps to follow. This method works with the console.

  • Go to Settings, and select Power Save Settings.
  • Now click on the link “Set Time Until Controllers Turn Off.”
  • You can set any time of your choice, and your controller will automatically turn off when it is not being used up to that time.

What more?

This is all there is to know about controlling the complete shutdown of your play station four (PS4) machine. You can even fetch more PS4 tips and tricks on this Reddit thread.

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