Download, Install 2go on any Windows (WP) Device using this tips

Recently I have been receiving messages via my facebook page requesting for instruction on how to install 2go on their windows mobile phone especially those old samsung , lg and htc windows mobile phones which led to my creating this short guide on how to download, install and chat with 2go messenger on your windows mobile phone.

This guide is very simple as you need only two application to get your 2go working on windows mobile phone which uses the .cab application system

1. Download from this link as there isn’t any

2. Download this small version of 2go here so as to work with even those very old windows mobile phones

Install the first and then 2go.jar lunch and start enjoying your 2go messenger .
with this you can even run your mobile banking application which is .jar format on your windows mobile phones.

For download links and discussion Continue Reading Very quick tips on how 2 download & install 2go on windows mobile all version

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