How to Save Money on Your Honeymoon

All the recently married couples in the world will agree that, after the wedding, the honeymoon is the thing they most looked forward to. Not only does it give couples the opportunity to strengthen the bond between them, but also the long waited break after the several months of running around in order to organize the wedding!Weddings don't come cheap, and unfortunately that can mean less money Read On

Download to unlock mtn, airtel, etisalat & glo huawei E303 modem

This is another great unlocker app I received from a friend today when I told him about my recent difficulty in unlocking my mtn huawei E303 modem.I have successfully unlocked one today one good thing about this software is that you can unlock almost every e-series modem with it , you can choose from alcatel , zte, tcl, tct , huawei and many other modem brand from the unlocker  interface Read On

MTN Nigeria Hourly Plan Codes Splendid?

Users often exceed their data limits before its expiry date even without downloading any file - Its just annoying when you subscribe for a 250MB plan at N1300 and its finished within 1 week. The New MTN SIMPLE SURF plan seems to be a solution to the data limit problems. This is not really a first as Starcoms and others have similar hourly plans but their service coverage is very Read On

Best Fruits to Eat for Weight Loss

Are you trying to find the best fruits to eat for weight loss? It's amazing when you think about it, but eating fruits is really an essential part of any weight loss plan. Fruit will clean out your system, give you nourishment, and help you to look and feel younger all at the same time. Not only does it have all of these benefits, but fruit just plain tastes good. Today you will learn the best Read On

Download Link for your mobile Banking application

Hey just got spare time to share this info 'cos most guys keep disturbing my mail asking me where to download their mobile banking java application as if I'm one of the banks representatives.I will be sharing the download links for  the banks I can remember as of now then I will be adding other ones in the comments .You can download a working mobile banking app for your blackberry, Nokia, Read On

The Powers of a Positive Attitude

I am going to ask you to something very weird right now. First of all, I want you to listen to your thoughts. Now tell me, what thoughts fill your head? Would you label them as positive, or negative?Now let's say you are walking down the street with these thoughts. Do you think anyone who would meet you would be able to tell you what’s on your mind?The answer to number one is up to you. But, the Read On

Download highly edited script for mobile site, download portal, chat community or discussion board

I came up with this tutorial after many users have been on my neck since replying to a thread on nairaland , such that my email subjects reads " the very script is using" , free "design of a site like" , 'how to create a site like' , 'guide on how to design a site like and etc.So I want to guide you on how to create a good wap / Read On