10 of the Best Scary Movies on Hulu

Although scary movies may not appeal to a lot of people for very similar reasons, there is still a substantial fraction of people that design a movie that unlocks new levels of suspense. Scary movies generally are movies that feature gory scenes. Scenes that cannot be accommodated by faint of hearts. You are in the right place If you are currently subscribed to HULU and desire a list of the best scary movies on HULU.

In this article, we explore a comprehensive list of best scary movies on HULU. These movies are listed as follows:

1.  Hell Raiser

Hell Raiser

The Movie Hell Raiser is an old-time classic that has continued to trend as one of the thrilling horror movies to watch. It is packed with a lot of action for those seeking a movie under this genre. This movie tells the story of a bloodthirsty to reincarnate that needs a lot of blood to complete his reincarnation.

There is no purchasing blood from a blood bank if it doesn’t involve helping a sick person that is short of blood. This fact prompts our character to go blood hunting himself. He wanders about devouring souls with the soul aim of reaching the peak where his reincarnation will be complete.

Did he get to complete his quest? I guess you have to watch the movie to find out.

2. Rosemary’s Baby

Rosemary's Baby

The Movie Rosemary’s Baby tells the story of a couple who rented the wrong apartment. This move has brought a lot of bad omen to them. Not long this couple loses one of their neighbours to suicide, Rosemary gets raped by an evil being.

She conceives a child, which is mistaken to be her partner’s baby. Further investigation reveals that the baby belongs to an evil being. She then recalls her encounter in her sleep. This can only be bad.

What happens next? She is urged to nurse the baby for evil beings. Should she kill the child or watch it grow into something dangerous? Find out what her decision was.

3. I Saw the Devil

I Saw the Devil

The quest for vengeance can unlock an individual tendency to become brutal. This is the story of a security agent that lost fiancee to a ruthless killer. She is killed after being deceived that she was getting help in fixing her flat tire. This merciless killer dismembers her body.

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Thanks to the universe, her body part is discovered by a juvenile when it washes onshore. This discovery sparks a series of investigation that uncovers the ruthless killer act. A lot of ruthless killings occur just before he is finally apprehended. This movie is certainly not for the faint of hearts, as it is very gory.

4. Mother!

mother by jennifer, lawrence, javier, and bardem

The movie mother tells the story of a once-loved wife turned rogue due to circumstances pertaining to paranoia. Mother is pressed with a lot of things she dislikes but has to put up with them because of her husband.

Things get worse, and she hits her peak, creating room for gross misbehaviour that ends up being lethal. Mother kills a lot of people. Her husband has to end her life. He tears open her chest and crushes her heart with his hands.

5. Tragedy Girls

Tragedy Girls

The movie tragedy Girls tells the story of two girls who are obsessed with social media. They have vouched to get on top of their social media game, get an insane amount of followers at all costs. In the quest to become tops in social media, the tragedy girls make a lot of kills.

They apprehend a friend that refuses to help them make trendy news; they also kill a perceived threat to their social media supremacy.  In the absence of trendy stories, tragedy girls make theirs, they kill, cause havoc, just to have trendy news to dish out.

6. Hounds of Love

Hounds of Love

The movie hounds of love tell the story of a girl who seeks freedom from a maniac couple that holds her captive. This couple takes pleasure in touring young women.

Unfortunately, this young teenager mistakes them for good Samaritan. Her quest for solace has left her in the hands of these maniacs.

7. Pyewacket


The Movie Pyewacket tells the story of an unguided teenager who has to pay for the actions she took on impulse. With the help of an occultic book, Leah summons a demon named “Pyewacket” to deal with her mum.

It turns out Leah made the biggest mistake of her life. Leah is continuously hunted by the demon. All efforts to seek help prove negative as Pyewacket lays waste to the people she asks for help.

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8. Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories

The Movie Ghost stories tell the story of a man who initially doubted the existence of certainly strange beings. He spent a large part of life tracking down false psychics.

The discovery he made on how many psychics gave him the notion that strange beings do not exist. He is invited to investigate a mystery. In this process of unravelling this mystery, he discovers strange beings actually exist.

9. The Clovehitch Killer

The Clovehitch Killer

The Movie Clovehitch killer is held on the hills on unravelling a mystery. The protagonist finds himself in a town hunted by the ghost of a serial killer. This serial killer caused a lot of havoc in the town in time past. Along the line, the protagonist is accused of being BDSM fetish, stating he might be taking after the dreaded serial killer.

These claims were facilitated by the fact that a photo of a tied up girl was found in this dad’s car which he recently drove. Facing the heat of this accusation, the protagonist determines to find the brooding serial killer. This forces him to suspect his dad and many close to him.

10. Child’s Play

Child's Play

The Movie Child’s Play tells the story of a vicious doll, who is a product of revenge pulled by one of the employees where the dolls were manufactured. After being dismissed from work, this employee decides to tamper with the manufacturing process of these dolls, making the doll the opposite of what it was supposed to be.

Instead of being a loving companion, this doll ends up being a killer. This doll ends up in the home of impaired killed, terrorizing his house.

Wrapping it UP:

There is an endless list of scary movies on Hulu, but if you desire a list of the top-notched ones. The list provided above may just be your best bet. If you have other recommendations not mentioned in this article, do well to drop them in the comment section below.

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