How to Enlarge Small Photos to HD Images with AI Image Enlarger Tool

AI image enlarger tool is the latest super productivity tool for photo editors. It is a free online app that lets you enlarge low-quality images to HD images losslessly.

Why do we need to increase low definition images to high definition images?

Oftentimes, we really need to enlarge small images to HD images for several purposes. For example, whether you are uploading images to a website or you need these images for printing purpose, low-definition images can’t be ever used because of their blurry and fuzzy effects. So, you will need to convert them into high-quality and high-resolution pictures that are sharp and clear.

In this context, if you are looking for an ideal tool which can help you enlarge image online for free, then you’ve surely landed on the right page. This article will introduce the readers with an advanced image enlarger tool (AI Image Enlarger), which ensures guaranteed image enlargement and enhancement without losing its original quality.

Quick introduction and overview of AI Image Enlarger

Finding a reliable and trustworthy online tool that can help you with image enlargement and resizing can’t be an easy task. But, do not worry anymore as this AI Image Enlarger is ready to fulfill all of your needs for sure.

Rest assured that it’s not a sophisticated software where you are needed to follow plenty of complicated steps in order to enlarge small images. Rather, this automated tool features to be the best and most convenient helping aid for all users.

It works in an automated process, and its core algorithm is powered by advanced AI technology.

(The sample image from imglarger. sample-image-from-imglarger.jpg)

AI Image Enlarger review

To use this tool, you’ll require only one thing, i.e., the actual input image that you want to convert or enlarge. That’s it!

Next, all you’re needed is to visit the official website of AI Image Enlarger >> upload your original image >> choose for the right style >> submit your input and let the tool start the image enhancement process. Fostering its deep machine learning protocol and AI technology, this tool will quickly apply its own unique image upscale methods and create a high-resolution image for you (while retaining the original image quality).

Do you now want to know more about this AI Image Enlarger? If yes, then keep reading the following sections and know more details about it.

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All you need to know about AI Image Enlarger

If you want to make a picture HD with the help of a free online tool, then you can definitely rely on this AI Image Enlarger. Not only it’s easy and convenient to use, but also it’s efficient and effective. In this context, here’re four key features of this revolutionary tool that you must know.

i) Powered by SRCNN deep learning technology: There aren’t many image enlarger applications which have adopted this cutting-edge technology. Certainly, AI Image Enlarger has stood out from the rest with its in-built core technology, which is based on SRCNN deep learning algorithm.

SRCNN or Super-Resolution Convolutional Neural Network is powered by deep machine learning methods using which it acquires the input data, analyze them, train its SRCNN network, and aim to offer better results and performance every time.

ii) It produces high-quality results: This tool can produce guaranteed high-quality results in no time. For example, if you want to enlarge an image or resize it without losing its original quality, then it’s one of the best and most useful tools for you. On top of that, this tool can be even used if you are trying to enlarge and enhance small images to HD images.

iii) It is fast: For ensuring a convenient and hassle-free experience, AI Image Enlarger is designed in such a way so that it can offer super-fast results without any lag/interruption.

Needless to mention, the tool comes with optimized hardware settings and new generation GPU. Once you have uploaded an image, chosen the right style, and submitted the request, the tool will ensure a lightning-fast image processing (which is completed within a few seconds) and preview the output that you can download and use subsequently.

iv) It is free: This is one of the vital features of this online AI image enlarger tool. This application is completely free to use. You do not require to pay any software fee/charges in order to use this tool and its underlying functionalities.

What can you do with AI Image Enlarger?

  • You can enlarge any type of images without losing its quality
  • You can make a picture HD
  • You can convert small and low-resolution images to HD images
  • You can upscale an image and make it more detailed and clear
  • You can enhance a blurred and fuzzy image to a high-resolution picture

Results comparison with #1 image enlarger tool in Google search

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In this part, we make a comparison test to check the results from and the #1 image enlarger tool in Google search.

First, we enter the keyword “image enlarger tool” on Google. The google results show that Photo Enlarger is in the No.1. So we enter the website and start the test.

Second. We upload the same small image bellow in ImgLarger and PhotoEnlarger. The file size of the small image is 17.2KB. Width:350 and height 295.

(Small image see attachment. Small-image.jpg)

AI Image Enlarger  tutorials

Third. Both set 400% scale-up and process image enlargement to see the results. After the image enlargement and we can see that the file size difference. The file size of the image enlarged by ImgLarger is 2.52mb while the file size of PhotoEnlarger is only 120KB. Then, let us check the image quality.

(The comparison images, see attachment: image-enlargement-comparison.jpg)

More on AI Image Enlarger

You will find that the enlarged image from Imglarger is much better than the image from PhotoEnlarger. This is all because of the AI technology and SRCNN structure used by ImgLarger.

The Final Verdict on AI Image Enlarger

The conventional image upscaling methods can’t always offer you the intended results as the process can hamper the original image quality. Also, using a third-party and premium-priced tool like Photoshop may not be an ideal choice for many. That’s because — Photoshop image editing/resizing steps are quite complex and time-consuming.

In this case, why don’t you rely on an AI image enlarger tool that you can offer you excellent results with exceptional performance, faster processing time, and high-quality results? The best part is that — the tool works online, and it’s completely free to use for all.

So, do not think twice, use AI Image Enlarger, and upscale/resize/enlarge/enhance your images for free online.

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