10 Best Backpage Alternatives for Placing Classified Ads

Now that BackPage is gone, where do I now place my ads to get a widespread reach? This has been the question in the hearts of many. Before the BackPage website went offline, it used to be a website where people place ads. Backpage supported all forms of ads. From ads about jobs, events, automobiles, and electronics for sale, BackPage was the destination for many. This support for all sorts of ads led to the demise of the once-loved website.

The website became infamous for a lot of offensive adult ads. These adult ads didn’t cause its waterloo, BackPage operation ceased to exist when the United states department of justice discovered human trafficking and prostitution was ongoing on the website. FBI had to shut it down. In this article, I’ll explore a comprehensive list of best BackPage alternatives.

The fact that you are reading this article, is a pointer to the fact that you are currently in search of good alternatives to the once existed BackPage website. You’d need to place those ads so bad and you need good traffic for them. Well, you are in the right place. Here I’ll explore a list of alternatives to BackPage that offer services that can be considered to be a sequel to what BackPage offered. These alternatives are listed below.

1. Craiglist

Backpage Alternatives

I am pumped you have heard the name “Craig List“, but have not taken it to heart to check what it’s about. Well, it’s actually the most recommended alternative to BackPage. It’s not just an alternative. Experts claim Craiglist is actually better than Backpage.

Similar to BackPage, Craiglist has had its fair share of closure, which was facilitated by the fact that prostitution was being advertised on the site. Well, that’s all in the past now. Craiglist is back now. You can now place your precious ads. Similar to BackPage, Craiglist supports ads from a wide range of categories.

2.  Facebook

Facebook Ads

Owing to the fact that BackPage was an Ads website, it would actually be a SIN to omit social networks from our list of alternatives. Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. Being a very popular social network that it is, it has billions of users who log in to socialize on a daily basis.

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These users are potential customers, that can be served ads from advertisers based on the interest of the user. If you cannot afford to pay for Ads, Facebook has E-commerce groups, where you can paste your Ads for free. Users that are not members of such groups, can get to see your product when they use search queries related to that product on Facebook.

3. Classified Ads

Classified Ads

Posting ads on the Classified Ads platform may not be as easy as on the already mentioned platforms, but you are assured of large traffic. Posting Ads on the Classified ads platforms involves a long list of steps.

Thanks to thoughtful thinking, there are tutorial videos that teach you how to go about placing ads here. The personal ads section offers many categories, including casual dating and lots more.

4. Locanto.com

Locanto Classified ads

Locanto.com lets you place targeted ads, to get good turn traffic turnouts. Locanto.com serves your ads to over 60 countries. Similar to the already mentioned platforms, Locanto.com has supports for ads from a wide range of categories.

Here you have categories such as automobiles, furniture, jobs, release estate and lots more. Apart from being a website, Locannto.com is also available as an app on Android and iOS stores.

5. Gumtree.com


Still, on the topic of best Backpage alternatives, Gumtree.com is yet another highly recommended platform that you should check out. Gumtree.com is a UK-Based advertising platform.

It has support for ads from different categories. Automobiles landed properties and lots more supported here. Gumtree lets you place ads for free. Gumtree.com doesn’t require you have an account before you can go through ads posted. Ads can be viewed by anyone.

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6. Letgo.com


Founded by the former CEO of Olx, Letgo.com is a highly recommended platform for advertising your products. Letgocom has a large user base, you are assured of getting large traffic on products advertised. Letgo.com lets you save listings of your choice.

Letgo.com has social media platforms sharing options, allowing you to reach even more potential customers.  Similar to Gumtree.com, Gumtree is also available as an app on iOS and Android.

7. Oodle


Oodle is a veteran service, that has been on for a very long time. Oodle launched in 2004. It showcases thousands of queries from different platforms.

Oodle has a personal ads section, where you can post your personal ads. Oodle lets you see which site has the most extensive ad listing. This allows you to sort your searching easier.

8. OkCupid


OkCupid is a matchmaker platform that offers ads based on your chosen categories. OkCupid requires you create a profile, after which you are then allowed to go through hundreds of profiles.

This way you can go through people’s profiles, understand their likes, and then share your products with them.

9. Olx


Olx is famous as it is efficient. It is highly recommended for those who require a platform where they can share ads. Olx has support for a wide category of products.

From electronics, clothes Olx has you covered. Olx also reaches a large number of countries, so you don’t have to be bothered about country restrictions.

10. Geebo


Last but certainly not least is Geebo. Geebo is yet another highly recommended platform for advertisements. For starters, Geebo has over 3 million visitors.

It is one of the most highly ranked classified-ad listing categories. Geebo has hundreds of categories and sub-categories. Geebo is also available in more than 5 countries.

Wrapping it UP:

There you have it – a comprehensive list of the best package alternatives. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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