The Best Ways to subscribe to GOtv on Phone and PDAs

How well a company’s service fairs in society is hinged on a lot of factors. Providing affordable prices isn’t the only prerequisite. How well the customers interact with the service is the key. The low cost of the service may turn sour when customers find it challenging to use the service. There is a high chance that they will switch to a more expensive service just because of usability. A lot of companies today have devised means of making payment for services a breeze. This method revolves around the use of smartphones. Being a gadget that is always in our pockets, it makes a lot of sense to be able to make purchases directly from our smartphones. GOTV has also adopted this method of payment for service. In this article, we explore a comprehensive tutorial on how to subscribe to GOTV on Phones, tablets, and PDAs.

How to do GOtv subscription on mobile

GOTV isn’t left out of this strategy for good customer relations. GOTV lets you users pay for subscriptions using their smartphones. There are different methods to pay your GOTV bills using your smartphone.  Some of these methods will be treated in this article on how to subscribe GOTV on Phones and PDAs. Come along with me as I show you the top best ways to subscribe GOtv on Phone and tablet devices.

How To Subscribe GOTV on Your Phone and PDAs Via Quickteller

Apart from accessing Quickteller on ATMs, Quickteller can also be accessed via their official website. Thanks to rational thinking from the executives at GOTV, you can pay your GOTV subscription fee using Quickteller on your smartphone. You can either download the Quickteller mobile app or pay via the Quickteller website. The steps to paying your GOTV subscription fee via the Quickteller websites are listed below:

How to Active HBO Go
  1. Obtain your IUC number: IUC number is unique to different decoders. This IUC number is placed at the bottom of your decoder. So simply flip your decoder, and you will find the IUC number.
  2. Logon to the Quickteller website: by visiting this link on your mobile phone by using the installed browser.
  3. Select the package you wish to subscribe
  4. Input your IUC number.
  5. Input your Email Address.
  6. Input your mobile number.
  7. Click on the “Continue” Button
  8. Click on Pay, as soon as the confirmation message appears on your screen.
  9.  Select debit card type
  10. Input your card details
  11. Click on pay to complete the transaction

How To Subscribe GOTV on Your Phone and PDAs Using Bank USSD Codes

GOTV has affiliation with some banks. This means that you can pay your GOTV subscription fee via special USSD Codes. Some of These banks and USSD codes unique to them are listed below:

  • GTBank: Dial *737*37*AMOUNT*GOTV IUC NUMBER#
  • First Bank: Dial *894*AMOUNT*IUC NUMBER#
  • Stanbic IBTC: Dial *909*60#

How To Subscribe GOTV on Your Phone and PDAs Via PayU Service

PayU is one of the methods of payments GOTV accepts. The portal to using the PayU service to recharge your GOTV subscription can be found in the GOTV Website. To pay your GOTV subscription fee using the PayU service, kindly follow the steps listed below:

  • Logon to via a browser on your phone
  • Input your details
  • Click on the PayU logo
  • Input your credit card
  • Click the Pay button to complete payment
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How To Subscribe GOTV on Your Phone and PDAs Via GlobalPay Service

Similar to the PayU service, GlobalPay is another payment service GOTV supports. As a matter of fact, there is a portal on the GOTV website to make payments using this service. The steps to using GlobalPay to pay for your GOTV subscription fee are listed below

  • Logon to via a browser on your phone
  • Input your details
  • Click on the GlobalPay logo
  • Input your credit card
  • Click the Pay button to complete payment

Having gone through the methods and steps listed in this article, be aware that no method is better than the other, except you have your own preferences. All methods will help you pay your GOTV subscription fee using your smartphone. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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