Easy useless tips for editing HD Videos

Working with the video of camcorders such as the SonyHDR-HC1 can produce a serious business.  HD videocontains four times the number of pixels that standard definition offers, and it's much moreheavily compressed.  Keep in mind that you need a powerful computer witha lot of memory to deal with the extra data andcompression.  Pinnacle for example, recommends aminimum 512 MB of RAM Read On

Great Wholesale Discount OEM Software Deals

Software Deals OEM is an acronym that stands for 'Original Equipment Manufacturers.' OEM software is software that is mainly sold to large equipment manufacturers such as hardware manufacturers and computer builders. These large businesses purchase software in bulk and are good candidates for getting discount OEM software. Third-party software such as is commonly found in consumer electronics Read On

Easily Install / update laptop/desktop drivers offline

Many tech savvy and geeks like some us often get very much frustrated when presented with some archaic / old pc models like lenovo , ibm , e-machines even some very old dell , accer , hp , lg and samsung as their drivers can't be found easily even when using windows update and some cheap driver download manger . Just recently I had to format my grandma Compaq pentium 3 desktop and was faced Read On

Need Anti-Virus/internet security For Windows 8? Read this

Long time ago I wrote little review on top rated / best anti virus (free & paid) for 2010 but Now We are looking at best anti virus program for 2013 or majorly for Microsoft windows 8 . As operating System Vendor upgrades from time to time  malicious code (virus , malware , etc) master-minders keep optimizing their  codes for maximum attack which will definitely override any default security Read On

Download Windows 8 Tweaker To enable hidden feartures

Many are already stocked with all popular regular ribbon like windows start menu and finding it difficult getting used to the new windows 8 start menu that has mobile like navigation. Among this are many customization option in windows 8 which are currently hidden , with this little application you can enable a lot of hidden features including the type of start menu you have in windows 7 and all Read On

FIFA 13 Full Version Review, Features and Screenshots

  FIFA 13 INTERNAL-RELOADED Release Date: 7 Oct 2012 Description FIFA 2013 Full Version PC Game – captures all the drama and unpredictability of real-world football. This year, the game creates a true battle for possession across the entire pitch, and delivers freedom and creativity in attack. Driven by five game-changing innovations that revolutionize artificial intelligence, Read On

How to replace your laptop hard drive “with video”

There are generally three major reasons why you'd want to replace your hard drive: your original drive has failed, you need more storage, or you're after a speed boost. The video and text tutorial below will guide you on how to replace your laptop hard drive without stress. Other than drive failure, you need to look closely at the reason why you want to upgrade. While hard drive capacities Read On

When Your Computer Freezes, Hangs, halts or becomes lag-gy

This is actually the continuation of the PC troubleshooting tips from 3P Techies Forum. This is too often experienced in older desktop and most poorly built laptop. this is to be noted that irrespective of your computer hardware spec / configuration it can not be said to be immuned from regular occurrences like   freezing, hanging, and host of others , while the reason for halting / freezing can Read On