When Your Computer Freezes, Hangs, halts or becomes lag-gy

This is actually the continuation of the PC troubleshooting tips from 3P Techies Forum. This is too often experienced in older desktop and most poorly built laptop. this is to be noted that irrespective of your computer hardware spec / configuration it can not be said to be immuned from regular occurrences like   freezing, hanging, and host of others , while the reason for halting / freezing can Read On

Computer Overheating – How to Know & What to do? Intel,AMD CPU

How do I know if my computer is overheating?note   : Intel® Processors have built-in thermal protection. If the processor gets too hot, the built-in protection shuts down the computer. If your computer is not over-clocked and is running under the design specifications, the built-protection can help prevent damage to your system.Unusual fan sounds: Most computers have two Read On

When Your Laptop Reports “Plugged in Not Charging” Solved

 this my long list of journal and jotting some were shared with me other i did as a technician.Normally when your laptop notification bar displays something like "plugged in not charging" there are certain things you need to do confirm firstly that the problem is not coming from your end.First you need remove the battery clean the metallic surface with  brush and insert it back Read On

Good Anti-virus & Security Programs to Use on Windows PC

Your web browsers and application is not enough to guaranty maximum protection to your total surfing on the World Wide Web. You need better programs meant  for complete/total protection otherwise known as antivirus. These programs does the following:Protects against malware Protects against phishers Protects against threats Protects against virus Protects against worms Read On