10 Best Finder Alternatives: the Top Alternatives to MacOS Finder

Having a file manager with a good navigation system is the key to enjoying your Mac PC. It makes the sorting of your files to becomes a lot easier. The Finder app has been championing this department for quite some time now. Without a doubt, the Finder app is the most sought after file manager app on MAC. However, there are other decent finder alternatives or file manager apps that offer excellent file management features.

In this article, we’ll explore a list of the ten best Finder Alternatives for MAC OS X.

1. Commander One v2

Finder Alternatives

Commander One v2 is an exception file manager app, that houses features that makes it a very good alternative to the finder app. It makes managing files on your MAC seamless. For starters, it features a dual-pane file manager system, that lets you open two windows of the app, allowing for the seamless moving of files from one folder to the other.

The Commander One v2 app has a very file search system, that goes as file as given data about files locked inside zip folders. It also lets you link files from cloud services like DropBox, Google Drive, Amazon S3. The Commander One v2 app is available for both free and premium pro version, which will cost you 29.99 American dollars.

2. Path Finder 8

Path Finder 8

The Pathfinder is a file management app, designed to make managing files on your Mac computer as seamless as possible. It houses features that make it a very suitable alternative to Apple’s finder. Similar to the Commander One V2 app, pathfinder features dual-pane navigation support which makes it easy to move files between folders, it also lets users access hidden files and bookmarks.

The Pathfinder app has a special feature that temporarily stores your files, allowing you to copy and move multiple files all at once. It was designed to make copying and moving of large files a seamless process. Unlike the One Commander v2 app, the only supported cloud storage here is Dropbox. The Pathfinder app requires you pay $39.99 to get access to its features.

3. Forklift


Forklift houses spectacular features that make it an excellent file manager app, as well as a very good alternative to Finder on MAC. The Forklift app makes sorting of files a whole lot easier. Similar to the already mentioned apps, The forklift app features dual-pane navigation.

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The Forklift app also has windows breadcrumb navigation style, all aimed at making file management a whole lot easier. The Forklift apps support FTP, SFTP and SMB servers, which lets the user manage their files remotely. The Forklift apps are available for free, within a duration of zero to 14 days after installation. Users are required to pay $29.95 to get the software unlocked for use.

4. Total Finder

Total Finder

Total Finder is a Finder alternative that integrates into the Finder app. It works hand in hand with the Finder app, making it a better File manager for MAC. If you don’t want to switch to an entirely new system, the Total finder is a very good option.

The Total Finder app features a Chrome-Style tab and also dual-pane navigation. Total Finder has support for keyboard shortcuts to make navigation a whole lot easier. Total finder has a 14-day trial, after which you will be required to pay $11.99 to get its features.

5. Transmit

Transmit APP FOR MAC

Transmit offers presents users with a very unique user interface. It was designed to make managing files on Apple MAC a very easy task. It is packed with features that prosper easy file management. Transmit has a very efficient system, that allows for easy moving of files between local and remote storage.

Transmit also house features that developers are certainly going to love. The Transmit app supports a two-factor login and selectable file sync system. The Transmit app isn’t a free app, you are required to pay a fee of $45.

6. Fman


If a very simple system is what you desire, then Fman is the app you need. It houses most of the most loved features in a very easy to understand interface. Newbies can get their way around in no time. The interface has been set to make file management on MAC a seamless process.

Among the numerous features it houses, Fman supports dual-pan navigation. Fman supports the movement of files between remote cloud storage and local storage. The Fman app houses this and other useful features. It isn’t a free app, it’s going to cost you.

7. Leap

leap file management app for mac

Leap is another highly recommended Finder alternative. It doesn’t fall short of features. Leap provides a very intuitive environment for file management. It features a very efficient file management system, that places it in the position of being a very good Finder alternative.

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The Leap app has support for Dropbox cloud, this means that you will be able to move files from your local storage to remote storage on the Dropbox cloud.

8. Liquifile

Liquifile APP FOR MAC

Liquifile was designed to make file management on your MAC computer a whole lot easy. This fact is what makes it a very suitable alternative to Finder. If you love Finder but want something else for some reason, Liquifile is probably what you need.

It houses features that can be best described as what a Finder alternative should feature. Liquifile houses a system that lets you seamlessly find files stored on your MAC. Transfile of files from folder to the folder is a whole lot easier. The Liquifile app cost $19.00

9. FileBrowse

FileBrowse APP FOR MAC

Nomenclature explains the app. FileBrowse is a file manager app on MAC. Seeking an alternative to the popular Finder app, FileBrowse may just be what you need. The FileBrowse app shines when it comes to media files.

Its in-built system helps you manage your media files without breaking a sweat. Get to know the portion of your storage that the media has eaten, create folders on the fly, this and many more secured functionalities are possible with the FileBrowse app for MAC. The FileBrowse app costs about $25.

10. Yoink


Last but certainly not least, is the Yoink app for MAC files management. Yoink makes the movement of files on MAC and easy thing to do. Have a cluttered desktop? Want to keep a well-arranged desktop?

Yoink is probably the app you need. The file manager essentials are featured here. It’s also a very good finder alternative, as it improves on some of the features Finder houses.

Wrap Up:

With the list of alternatives provided above, I am certain I have been able to streamline your search for a top-notch Finder alternative for MAC. If you have any favorites or want to recommend a Finder alternative that’s not mentioned in the list, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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