Difference b/w Dual-Core, Quad-Core, Hexa-Core, Octa-Core & Deca-Core Processors

Have you been wondering what the difference between Dual-Core, Quad-Core, Hexa-Core, Octa-Cor and Deca-Core processor is? Well, this guide is created to help you know the difference between Dual-Core, Quad-Core, Hexa-Core, Octa-Cor and Deca-Core Processors.

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The difference between these modern processors (or C.P.U) is easy to comprehend and that is what I am going to do in this short post.

You certainly have read about or seen dual-core, quad-core, hexa-core, octa-core, and deca-core processors, occasionally from your close friends or online or on gizmos spec listings. Allow me clear your question in simplest form possible.

Processors are called according to their varieties of full independent units known as cores. Dual as the name suggests means double, similarly quad implies four and so on. The same thing is applicable with every other processor types.

Dual core processors are processor composed of two cores. The quad-core processor is a processor that’s composed of four cores and more goes with Hexa-core (six), Octa-core (eight), and Deca-core (ten) processors. So when the variety of cores increases, the efficiency, and task handling will certainly be faster than others.

Let’s fix an inquiry of junior class, A work to be accomplished by four guys of team A and the same job to be performed by 8 men of group B. Which would be completed quicker?

I know it’s too easy to guess.  This plainly shows that Group B will end up completing the job before Group A. This is how it goes with processor types (cores). The extra the cores the faster the task finishes. When you have deca-core processor (10 cores), job handling will certainly be quicker than hexa-core (6 cores), and etc.

‘In a nutshell’, processors  with higher number of cores are better at multi-tasking that the lower ones.  Now let’s do a bit detailed discussion on some of  these multi-core processors.

Dual-core processors.

As the name suggests, dual-core or double core processor has 2 cores for each physical processor. There has been 2 processor joined with each other to boost the productivity and their store as well as reserve controllers are in the solitary coördinate circuit.

Quad-core processor.

Quad core is chip with four independent devices that read and implement info as well as tasks to be done in the central processing unit (CPU).

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Within this 4 core processor chip, each chip operates in the combine with various circuits as a store, input/ return, and memory management. Therefore, the individual core can fuse multiple programs and can even execute those, increasing the speed of total programs suitable for parallel preparing.

Hexacore processor.

The hexacore processor is another multi-core processor that is developed with six core as we mentioned that the much more cores built-in chip the extra faster it can manage tasks than any kind of various other chip.

This multi-core processor was initially presented in 2010. It was introduced in Intel core i7 Hexacore processor.

Octa-core processor.

Octa-core processor is easy for any person to recognize the name itself. It presumes that octa means 8, that suggests that this multi-core processor is comprised of 8 self-governing cores to deal with tasks a lot more much faster and efficiently than any kind of various other processors.

The octa-core processor can get through this faster than the quad-core processor of comparable items. Octa-core processor is at some point faster than any of those core processor listed above.

Deca-core processor.

As double core processor are comprised of 2 cores, quad-core with 4 cores, hexacore with 6 cores and octa-core processor with 8 cores. Deca-core is likewise composed of 10 completely independent systems of the core that are basically made to manage and execute task really successfully than any other processor made till now.

Having a PC or device with a deca-core processor would end up being a good buy. This is because it is faster than other processor types and makes multi-tasking fun. 

Deca core processors are the most recent and also newer processors. We have only become aware of a couple of smartphone having Deca core processor. The majority of the smartphone generating companies use dual core, quad core and hexacore processor as these are low-cost and also outdated, but we are quite sure that more gadgets with deca-core processor will saturate the market going forward.

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You’ve seen our little tips on the difference between Dual-Core, Quad-Core, Hexa-Core, Octa-Cor and Deca-Core Processors. How would you like to come in?

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