The Worst Gaming Laptop Brands of 2018

Everyone has their bad experiences and regrets. When it comes to gaming, everyone wants it to be the best; both the operating system and the graphics. When it cannot cover these characteristics, it’s a shame to call it a gaming laptop. So, it becomes necessary to be aware of some of the worst gaming laptops to stay away from in 2018.Worst Gaming Laptop Brands 2018


This article focuses on the list of the worst gaming laptops to stay away from in 2018 to clear the doubts and ambiguities related to the gaming laptops. Because while selecting the best gaming laptop not only the processor and display matters but the brand of the laptop is an absolute option to consider.

Since the focus of this content is on gaming laptops, the features that interests gamers are the only thing considered in this rating.

List of Worst Gaming Laptop Brands

An online survey was conducted based on the facts and attributes of different laptop brands on a general basis and the results were much different. But when another survey was conducted on the basis of the best gaming laptop, the results were completely different altogether.

Taking a look at the results based on general basis “the MSI brand” scored ninth position but on the gaming criteria, it scored first place.

So it is clear that Dell and Lenovo scored minimum in this race. Also, Origin and Aorus scored less. Let us explore why these brands were scored less and in what categories they lack, when it comes to Gaming performances.


In the survey for the best to worst gaming laptops, Lenovo scores the least; a tie with Dell. But their low scores have different reasons.

Lenovo is a new brand in the market as compared to the other brands. So, it is efficiently working on the lacking sides and is trying to improve these in the coming models continuously. For example, Legion Y530 is a budget laptop that comes with a sleek design and a better performance to attract the gamers.

Also, this brand has produced some of the best gaming laptops that competed with the models of the highly ranked brands. For example, Lenovo’s model; Legion Y920, was ranked as one of the best gaming laptops.

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But one model cannot make up for the whole brand. There are also some of the worst gaming laptops produced by the same brand. For example, Y720 has a very inefficient performance. This makes the brand image effectively worse.


Gigabytes and its sub-brand Auros always had a lot to offer to the gaming world. But the characteristics do not match with the saying.

Their model has a sleek design and a very smart appearance but in spite all this, their display is lacking. As gaming demands best-operating systems and vibrant colored display along with high volumes, this brand is really disappointing in this regard.

Auros display is comparatively dim and the colors are then obviously less vibrant. These characteristics make it less lovable by the users and more specifically the gamers.

Talking about the volume of the brand’s laptops, it is also depressing. It is very boring when you are playing your favorite game and the audio is not supporting your actions and emotions. This brand has fewer audio sounds which makes its score 7th among the gaming laptop brands.

For example, Aero 15 and X9 are just fabulous products of this brand, when talking about design and aesthetics, but coming towards gaming, it is really opposite.

Origin PC

The Origin PC brand differs from all the brands in what it provides best; a smart number of customization options. Also, this brand expresses its concept of providing everything as Kitchen-Sink Approach. But besides all these promises and confident statements, this brand lacks seriously in the gaming world.

It is also clear from the statistics given above, this brand scores less in software and display. As these are important criteria for gaming laptops, I will just discuss these.

The display of Origin brand PCs is good. Its display is clear and also color sharp. This provides a good view of the games to the gamers. But unlike other brands such as Razer and MSI that scored 13/15 in display criterion, Origin PC really lacks.

The comparison is necessary here because while talking about best and worst laptops, every buyer compares each characteristic among the laptop brands because he/she needs the best one.

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The performance of Origin PCs is also good, but not the best.


When it comes to premium models, Dell always excels. But the problem that users face is the lack of general information about the use of Dell’s branded laptops. This marks as the biggest reason for its downfall. There are a lot more that contributes its low user ratings. This includes low-quality displays (although in this survey it rated 14/15), shallow keyboards and absence of efficient gaming software.

Every laptop user needs a better gaming environment because everyone needs time to lack off the stress of their works. So, the lack or non-availability of better gaming software makes this brand lose its charm among the gamers and the gaming world. However, the brand is recently working on this deficiency and will hopefully overcome it.

For example, Dell’s new G-Series provides a lot to the gamers. G3 15 Gaming is one of those hopes that can maintain the level of Dell in the gaming world.

Note: While Dell is generally a top brand, their budget models are a far cry from what gamers are looking out for in Laptops. Hopefully the newer models would bring huge performance improvement to gamers.

What Makes Great Gaming Laptop?

Gaming is all about fights and solutions. These become amusing when the provided environment is decorated with vibrant colors and high volumes.

If your laptop is lacking in these criteria, it is not a good match for what you are looking for. Also, the most important feature of a gaming laptop from a technical point of view is an efficient performance.

So, when you are looking for a good gaming laptop, do not compromise on these three qualities. Also, before buying it, do a background research on it and see its reviews. It will help you select the best for what you are looking for.

NOTE: It is important to note that the ratings of these laptop brands are not constant. With the advancement in the quality of these brands, these may change in the coming year. So stay tuned!

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