The Best Ways to Screenshot on Macbook

Taking screenshots is a very efficient way to capture what is on our screen. Images from screenshots are crisp and a lot better than what you get from taking photos of your screen using a camera. There are different methods for taking screenshots on the Apple Macbook. In this article, we’ll explore the best methods to take screenshots on Macbook. These methods are outlined below for your learning:

1. Keyboard Commands

Using Keyboard Commands is one of the best ways to take a screenshot on Macbook and other Apple devices. It is very effective because it doesn’t require the installation of third-party applications or services.

How to Take Screenshots on Macbook via Keyboard Commands

macOS has different keyboard commands for taking screenshots. Each command helps you capture your screen in a certain manner. There are commands that help you take timed screenshots, commands for taking window screenshots and lots more. These commands are outlined below:

1. Capturing the entire screen: Press  Command + Shift + 3 keys simultaneously

2. Capturing a selected area: Press Command + Shift + 4 keys simultaneously

3. Capturing a single Window:

  • Press Command + Shift + 4 keys simultaneously. This will change you’re the mouse pointer to a crosshair
  • Use your pointer to click the window you desire to screenshot and a screenshot will be taking of that window.

Note that images from screenshots taking with any of the keyboard commands listed above will be saved on your desktop. If you desire to copy screenshots taken to your clipboard, add control to any of the commands. E.g if you desire to copy a single-window screenshot to your clipboard, use Command + Shift + 3 + control and the screenshot taken will be copied to your clipboard instead of being saved to your desktop.

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2. Grab App

The Grab App is another easy and super intuitive method to take screenshots on Macbook. It is 100% free and usually installed on every Macbook by default.

How To Take Screenshots on Macbook with Grab App

The Grab app is a screenshot tool that comes pre-installed in Apple Mac computers. It lets users take screenshots without having to master commands.

How To Take Screenshots on Macbook with Grab App

If you are using the macOS Mojave, you can launch the Grab app from the menu bar, but Mac users on macOS Catalina can launch the Grab app using the pressing Command + Shift + 5 on their keyboard. The steps to using the Grab app to take a screenshot on MAC are outlined below:

  1. Launch the Grab App
  2. Click on the capture tab
  3. Select the type of screenshot you desire

Note: The Grab app also has special commands for taking screenshots. These commands are placed side by side the names of the types of the screenshot.

Wrapping Up:

Reading through this article, I guess you must have come to the conclusion that taking screenshots on MAC is a very easy thing to do. Nevertheless, if you have questions as regards any of the methods mentioned above, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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