3 Ways To Fix Can’t Establish a Reliable Connection To The Server

Fix Can't Establish a Reliable Connection To The Server

So you just learned about this new app that can help your productivity, you immediately launch Google Playstore on your device, only to get the Error ” Can’t establish a reliable connection to server”. As a classic techie you are, you immediately close the Google Playstore app and try launching it again. You get this same error. You proceded to restarting your internet connection, but the problem persists. I guess this could be your story.

Well, relax, you are not the first to encounter this problem, there is actually a fix. In this article, I will take you through a tutorial on three ways to fix can’t establish a reliable connection to the server. These fixes are provided under the different headings in this article.

Use Another Internet Connection

Due to the fact, Google Playstore is a web app, troubleshooting your internet connection is sacrosanct. Troubleshooting your internet connection is toggling your internet connection. If you are connected to a Wifi network, you can restart your router or change to a different network, if you have more than one router. You could also move from using a Wifi connection to using your cellular network. Problem solved? No? You can proceed to try out the other methods listed below.

Reset and Clear Cache of Your Google App

If you have been an Android user for a quite some time, this method would be very familiar. Resetting and clearing cache is a very famous method for solving problems associated with the app. Clearing the cache of an app clears all the data on that app.

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Most times, this usually clears the problem cause alongside. You can also apply this method in your quest to solve the “can’t establish a reliable connection to server” error. Note that you are clearing the Cache of your Google app and not the cache of the Google Playstore. To clear the cache and reset your Google app, navigate through Settings > Apps > Google Apps > “StorageClear data.

Modify Host File

Tried the above methods and non worked? There is a high probability you would need to modify the host file on your Android device. Please note that modifying the host file on your Android device requires root access. You can only modify the host file of a rooted Android device. The steps to modify the host file of your Android device is outlined below:

  1. Download and Install Root Explorer: since the Google play store doesn’t work, you will need to search the web via an installed browser, for a link to download Root Explorer.
  2. From Root Explorer, select “mount r/w as r/o” on the top screen.
  3. Launch the “etc” file.
  4. Launch the “host” file.
  5. Change 2nd IP address by adding “#” in front of it.

Wrapping it Up:

Having read through this tutorial, I strongly believe you were able to solve the ” Can’t establish a reliable connection to server” error. If you have challenges applying the methods above, do let us know in the comment section below.

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