How to Fix Apps Opening Slowly on Poco F1

The Poco F1 is one of the best-valued smartphones to have come out of the Xiaomi manufacturing company. At the launch, it was one of the cheapest smartphones to run the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. It offers a spec sheet that’s capable of handling power-intensive tasks that are peculiar to smartphones.

Despite the robustness of the Poco F1 specs sheet,  there seems to be a problem that questions the reliability of its specs sheet. Users have overtime complained of noticing apps slowing down on their Poco F1 device. This problem has left a sour taste in the whole performance experience.  In this article, I will walk you through procedures that would help in tackling this persistent problem.

Fix Apps Opening Slowly on Poco F1

How to Fix Apps Opening Slowly on Xiaomi Poco F1

There are so many factors that can cause apps to open slowly on your Poco F1 device.  In other to solve this issue, you are required to troubleshoot the likely causes. Below is an outline showing the likely solutions. You are required to try every one of them until you finally resolve the problem.

Before you go ahead to apply any of the procedures discussed below, please note that not all apps open almost instantly on high-end devices. Apps with high-res contents are going to take extra time to load. One of such apps is Youtube. Come along with me as I walk you through the steps to fix this persistent problem.

  1. Reboot your device: Rebooting tech products has over the years proven to solve glitches. It puts the operating system in a position to start afresh, beginning all processes again.
  2. Clear Cache & Data: The majority of the apps with so much data have a tendency to become slow after some time. Clearing the cache and data of that app is an efficient method to make that app open faster.
  3. Update the App: Updating the app is another efficient method for solving this problem. The major reason apps are updated, is to fix bugs that affect the proper functioning of such apps. If the app keeps opening slowly, then there is a high chance that an update is going to fix the problem.
  4. Install a light version of the App: If you have already applied all the procedures discussed above and nothing seems to change, then installing a lighter version of the app may just be the panacea. Facebook is one of such apps that offers a lite version. However, you can go to the Google Play store, to check if the app in question has a lite version.
  5. Reset your device: No doubt rebooting your smartphone is an efficient way to restart all app processes, however resetting your smartphones is a more efficient method. Lastly, you are advised to reset your smartphone and wipe all data in the process.
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Wrap Up:

Apps opening very slowly can be very discomforting. I hope that this article solves the problem you had with apps opening slowly on your Xiaomi Poco F1 smartphone. If you have any questions as regards this tutorial, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. We will do our best to reply swiftly.

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