How to Remove Duplicate Files from Smart Phones Quickly

One of the biggest problems Android users face on a daily basis is running into low storage. This is the reason why today’s post is created to guide you on how to remove duplicate files from Android smartphones quickly.

The main reason why android phone users face storage issues is that on a daily basis we receive multiple photos, GIFs, videos, and songs from different groups, and a lot of them are the same.

A lot of times we receive the same photos and videos from multiple WhatsApp groups which consume a lot of storage space of our phones.

But this problem can be solved by an app called MoveIt which has a duplicate cleaner. This app helps detect and remove all the duplicate photos, GIFs, videos, Flash, and audios. It has a 100% perfect detection system which accurately detects duplicate images, videos, flash media, and songs.

How to Remove Duplicate Files from Android Quickly with Moveit App

Using duplicate cleaner is pretty simple and can be used by someone who even might not be familiar with tech. To use the duplicate cleaner, simply download MoveIt from Google play store and follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Open the MoveIt app and then scroll down to the bottom. Press the Scan Now button in the duplicate section.

Remove duplicate files quickly

  • Step 2: Then select the storage for which you want to scan. You can choose Internal Storage if you want to scan Internal storage for duplicate photos, GIFs, videos, and songs. You can press External Storage if you want to scan the External storage media instead.
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remove duplicate files on Android devices

  • Step 3: After selecting the storage media you’d like to Scan, wait for a while or until MoveIt App quickly finds out the list of duplicated Files/Media for you.

remove Android junks quickly

  • Step 4: Once the scanning is over, you will be taken to a screen where you will be shown all the Duplicated files and media. By default, one copy of the Duplicate file will not be deleted so that at the end you’ll have at least one copy of every media files. You can unselect any File/Media which you do not want to remove its duplicates.

remove duplicates

  • Step 5: After selecting the junk files from the list, press the delete button and then press the OK button to start deleting the Duplicate Files from your phone/device.

Android junk remover Tut

  • Step 6: Once you press OK button all your duplicate photos, GIFs, videos, movies, and duplicate songs will be deleted, thereby recovering your storage space that’s usually wasted by these junk files.

duplicate cleaner review

MoveIt Features

Along with Duplicate Files Cleaner, MoveIt has several other features which would help you to free up storage space such as:

  • Transfer media from Internal storage to External media or Micros SD card: Images, GIFs, videos, APKs, and audios altogether can be transferred to the SD Card via MoveIt.
  • Move media from SD card to the internal storage: MoveIt allows you to transfer Images, GIFs, videos, Flash animations, Movies, and audio files from SD card to the Internal storage.
  • Device Cleaner: With Moveit app, you can clean your cache, APK files, temp files, thumbnails, browser history, and empty all folders with their built-in cleaner.
  • Auto Transfer: Moveit Auto transfer features is a fascinating one. It helps in transferring your media from any one location in the internal storage memory to any location in your SD Card automatically without opening the app.
  • Moveit Media scanner: MoveIt also has a media scanner that lets you brush up your device storage quickly. It has both an internal storage media scanner and external storage media scanner which helps in finding all the junk media in your phone which are not being displayed.
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All in all, MoveIt Duplicate Cleaner can help you increase or regain your storage space which was previously filled with junks such as – unwanted copies of duplicate photos, duplicate GIFs, duplicate videos, flash media, and songs.

It is a must-have for low-end Android devices, phones with low internal storage memory, mid-range smartphones, and even high-end phones that needs some of its features.

You can Download the Moveit App Free from Google Playstore.

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