3 Ways To Fix Can’t Establish a Reliable Connection To The Server

So you just learned about this new app that can help your productivity, you immediately launch Google Playstore on your device, only to get the Error " Can't establish a reliable connection to server". As a classic techie you are, you immediately close the Google Playstore app and try launching it again. You get this same error. You proceded to restarting your internet connection, but the problem Read On

Best 3 Ways to Remove Privacy Password from Tecno and other MTK Devices

Forgotten the password of your device? Want to remove privacy protection password from your Tecno or MTK device?Here are few methods to try before settling for the last option of calling up an engineer or rushing down to an expert to get it done for you. Simply follow the simple methods below to bypass the password from the comfort of your home or office.You can easily remove the privacy Read On

How to Create a Guest Account that Works in Windows 10

Hello guys, today and as always we are going to solve a problem with the latest Microsoft Windows 10 which seem to be a pain in the neck for many users.First, it may interest you to know that the new Microsoft Windows 10 operating system has no option to create guest accounts from the control panel as we have it in earlier versions of Windows.Well this is a problem considering the fact Read On

How to Stop YouTube Videos Autoplay and Auto-Buffering

There are several reasons for one to think of disabling the autoplay and/or auto-buffer feature from youtube videos.One of them is when multiple videos are opened in several tabs, the videos will all keep playing to themselves.Even when you decides to pause them individually, they will keep buffering or loading from the background thereby, wasting your internet data Read On

Easily Get Multiple Unlimited Gocredits on 2go with glo sim

My friend just sent me this tweak via facebook and I was like good knowing this trick early enough before it starts spreading .Now this is the way to get this 2go multiple unlimited creditsJust Get any glo sim card which is already registered ==> create if possible a new 2go account with that glo number  ==> load 100 naira worth of airtime  or above into the glo line==> type Read On