iRoot roots plethora of android devices with or without a computer

I just shared a post on 3ptechies forum, explaining how to root any android phone or devices with or without a computer using the iRoot app.

I’ll drop the excerpt for you to go ahead with it and get those stubborn android phone rooted in minutes without much stress from your end.

Just thought I should update you about iRoot – an enhanced software
that can root plethora of android phone and devices with or without a

iRoot is an improvement on the vRoot software that recorded up to 90% success rate in rooting of android phone and devices.

iRoot was updated to include iRoot apk (iRoot.apk) for rooting
directly from your android devices without connecting it to a computer
machine and iRoot executable (iRoot.exe) for rooting directly from your
PC via a USB connection cable.

Either ways, the iRoot software is a great all-in-one root tool with
support for newer and older android devices, even less-popular brands of
android phones can be rooted with it.

I already tried it on Gionee, Samsung, Tecno, Infinix and Mercury.
You can report other devices in this thread to help others find what
phones the iRoot app can root easily.

Download Links

For iRoot apk, follow this link
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