7 Best Offline Android Apps to Increase Productivity

While you may agree with me that there is no fun in using Android without availability of internet connections, there are times you just have to use your smartphone without internet connections.

Fortunately, internet connections via WiFi or mobile network operators is something one can easily come by. But for those moments you are probably in an ‘e-dark’ environment, you will have to rely on offline apps to get things done.

While we may agree that online Android apps tend to come with more features, we have compiled a list of best offline android apps that will ‘safe your life’ When there is no Internet connection. Let’s explore them.

1. Flash Share

Flash share android file transfer app helps you share apps, games, music, videos, pictures and documents faster than Bluetooth and has the ability to transfer multiple files to several recipients at the same time.

Best Offline Android Apps

The app supports sharing across PC and popular mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows mobile. It can come in really handy for sharing files and apps among friends while offline.

It also saves you from spending huge data downloading apps on the Google play store when you can easily copy from friends. You can download a copy of the app from this flash share download guide.

2. Amazon Kindle

For those who love reading ebooks on their android smartphones, Amazon Kindle is an app to try out. The moment you saw ‘eBook’ chances are that you were wondering why we didn’t feature the all-popular Adobe Reader.

Well, Amazon Kindle goes beyond being just an eBook reader as it gives you access to thousands of eBooks on various topics of interest.

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Some eBooks on Amazon Kindle are paid while others are absolutely free. The Amazon Kindle app can be downloaded from Google play store.

3. Google Drive

Chances are that you already know that Google Drive is a cloud storage service which allows you to store your most important documents on the Internet for future use. So you may be wondering if we’ve gone mad for including it in our list of best offline android apps.

Well the gist is that the Google Drive app for Android smartphones allows you to download any of your saved documents from the Internet and work on them offline. The edited copy of any document you downloaded will automatically be uploaded to the Internet.

How to Work On Documents Offline Using Google Drive

To use Google Drive offline, tap the ‘i’ or Options icon of a file in Google Drive, then tap the switch next to Keep on Device . You can do this to as many files as you like, and Google Drive will let you work on them away from the cloud.

4. Offline Dictionaries

Offline dictionaries is a full featured dictionary that gives you the opportunity to know English vocabularies in many more languages.

offline dictionaries for android app

One unique thing about the app is its multilingual feature. Upon installation of Offline Dictionaries you just need to connect to the Internet once to download every language you need and you can then use the app offline in subsequent times.

5. Google Translate

Google Translate is a great Android app that helps you translate sentences into different languages. This app comes in handy when chatting with someone who doesn’t understand English or so.

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Google Translate currently supports 3 Nigerian languages (ie. Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba) and many other foreign languages such as French, Spanish, Arabic, etc.

Though Google translate sometimes relies on the Internet to function effectively, the key features are available offline, so long as you download the languages you’re looking to translate between. You can save your translations as well, so you can refer back to them later.

The app is completely free and uses the awesome services of Google translate.

6. Ttpod

This app is the ‘go to’ for all music lovers. Well, who doesn’t love music anyway?

Ttpod comes with a lot of customizable features for the looks and feel. One thing you may love about this app is that it automatically searches and displays the lyrics of any known music you play.
With this therefore, you don’t have to stress yourself wondering what the artist is saying in the song.

7. Google Maps

The latest version of Google is very suitable for both online and offline use. When online, you get instant direction as soon as you visit any place.

Google maps for android offline features

For those times when you have no internet connection, It’s easy to download locations by visiting the Offline areas tab in the settings menu. From there you can download full city maps, including Google’s excellent navigation system, for use without internet.

The apps comes by default in most android devices and can also be gotten from Google play store.

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