10 of The Best Prison Movies and Shows on Netflix

In General, Prison houses aren’t pleasant. They are one of the most detested places in the world, which is facilitated by the activities and the stigma that goes along with them. However, we cannot deny how interesting it is to watch movies and TV shows that depict the activities in prisons. It for this reason, that we explore a comprehensive list of the best Prison movies on Netflix.

As you might know already, there is a plethora of Prison movies crawling on the Netflix platform, something that is facilitated by popular demand. This article streamlines your search, by providing you with a list of top-notch movies and series on Netflix that depict prison activities.

1. Orange Is the New Black

Orange Is the New Black


The Movie Orange Is the New Black tells the story of a lady who is sentenced to 15 months in prison, for transporting drug money to her estranged partner. Being lodged in a facility alien from her normal habitation means she has to learn to adapt. This movie basically depicts her day to day living in the prison and how she spent her 15 months of jail term.

2. 13TH

13th” by Ava DuVernay

The story told in the movie 13th depicts the racial discrimination that goes on inside the prisons in America. The Title “13th” was chosen because it represents the 13 amendments of the united states, which abolished in the United States, which is also a fruit of racial discrimination.

Sp, in a nutshell, is more of a prison movie that depicts the life of blacks in American movies. Netflix enthusiasts can stream this movie from the comfort of their choice streaming device while trying not to get super agitated.

3. The Fear of 13

The Fear of 13

The movie the Fear of the 13th is a documentary that tells the struggle of Nick Yarris, who was convicted wrongly for murder, which caused him to spend 22 years on death row in the prison before he was vindicated by an evidence that arose from a DNA sample.

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The movie runs through Nick’s youthful lifestyle and runs through the period he was arrested and convicted wrongly. If you are in search of a very captivating prison movie, then this movie may just be what you need.

4. Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons

Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons

“Inside the world’s toughest prisons” is a television show series, that does a real-life documentary of life inside different prisons in the world. It’s very ideal for enthusiasts who care so much to have knowledge of what living in the prison feels like for both the prisoners and the guards.

Both the guards and prisons are interviewed as they both share their experiences for the viewers to be informed. In my opinion, it is a TV show that suiting those who aren’t scared of being an offender as far as the law is concerned.

5. Kalief Browder Story

Kalief Browder Story

Much like the Movie “The fear of the 13th“. The Kalief Browder story is yet another documentary that tells the story of a man who was wrongly convicted. However, he short-lived his release. Kalief committed suicide shortly after he was released.

This documentary tells the full story of how he was convicted to his release and his death. This documentary can be seen as an eye-opening to how ill the justice system can be sometimes.

6. Shot Caller

Shot Caller

The movie Shot Caller tells the story of a stockbroker, who found himself in prison, due to his driving under the influence of alcohol, which led to the fatality. The fact he isn’t a hard man means that he has a lot to learn for his survival in prison.

He soon began to pick up the necessary fits he needs for survival. The movie shows how he was able to survive the hard times in incarceration.

7. Went Worth

Went Worth

There may be a plethora of prison movies centered on men, however, women also go to prisons. The series Went worth depicts the life of a female prisoner, who got into prison for attempted murder.

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Much like any new intake, she has to adapt to the new lifestyle. This series takes you through her life in jail and how she manages to survive each day as a prisoner.

8. Riot


Still on the topic of best prison movies and shows on Netflix. The Riot is yet another highly recommended for enthusiasts who love prison movies. It tells the story of a security operative who went rogue. He robbed a bank that’s owned by a Russian mob, now he has to face the music in jail.

Unfortunately for him, he got locked up together with a Russian kingpin.

9. First and Last

First and Last

The Movie First and Last is yet another documentary about prison life. This documentary is centered on the Georgia’s Gwinnett County Jail in America. As its name portrays, the “First and Last” documentary throws light on the prisoner’s first and last day in jail.

It investigates how much change it had on the individual.

10. The Platform

The Platform

Last but certainly not the list, is a fictitious movie “The Platform”. This movie encompasses the idea of a futuristic prison. A mesmerizing one, where prisons are kept in stacks, a prison houses system that isn’t by any means regular. Prisoners whose cells happen to be on the top layer are the ones who benefit the most from the provided resources

Wrapping up

 We may have explored nothing more than a fraction of prison movies on Netflix, however, we are convinced without a doubt that you can’t go wrong with this list of 10 of the best prison movies and shows on Netflix. If you have any personal favorite or other recommendations feel free to gently drop them in the comment section below.

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