15 of The Best Action Movies on Amazon Prime

The fact that action movies are borne out of a lot of tricks isn’t news anymore, but what keeps them top-grossing is the satisfaction they bring. Action movies made childhood awesome and are still make for a good genre for movies. Most action movies feature a lot of suspense. Action movies give us an illustration of what goes on in the underworld and lots more. In this article, we explore a comprehensive list of best action movies on Amazon Prime.

These action movies are listed below as follow:

1. Air Force One


Started by Harrison Ford, the movie Air force one tells the story of a president who is pushed to using the skills he learned during his days as a soldier, go saving his family and other civilians in the plane. Turns out the President boarded a plan with terrorists in disguise, he so finds out that one of his trusties is a mole.

Despite being given an escape route, the President decides to stay back, contributing his quarter towards securing the plan back from the hijackers.

2. The Terminator

terminator arnold

Despite being a very old movie, it’s position remains unbeaten. The movie Terminator, despite being shot in the ’90s, showcased a lot of Tech. This one of the key features that makes this movie a very top-notch action movie. The movie Terminator also has a very nice storyline. It tells the story of two robots that arrive from the future with different intentions.

One of the robots has come to eliminate a potential threat to the future invasion of robots, while the other has come to make sure the evil robots doesn’t have its way. Both robots arrive in human skin, allowing them to blend with humans, without being spotted.

3. Face/Off

face off by nicolas cage john travolta

The movie Face/Off tells the story of an FBI agent that narrowly escapes an assassin attack. Although he didn’t lose his life, he lost his son instead. A bullet pierced his chest and then killed his son. Years later, the FBI agent is ready to avenge his son’s death.

His quest for vengeance enters another dimension when he discovers his enemy has bigger and evil plans. He focuses turns towards diffusing a bomb that was set by his son’s killer. In the course of his quest, the FBI agent takes on the face of this son’s killer, in other to gain access to the information he has.

4. Mission impossible – Fall Out


The Story with Mission iMpossible is pretty much basic for each title. You have a special secret agent from IMF, and you also have bad guys who are on a mission to wreaking havoc. The team of IMF agents has to stop them, terminating their plans. Missio iMpossible Fall out follows suite.

This movie tells the story of a set of terrorists referred to as the apostles. These terrorists have vowed to set a new world order. Being a notion moved by terrorists, there is bound to be a danger, killings. The Protagonist Ethan hunt, and this team of IMF secret agents have to act fast. They scale through different hurdles in the process. One such huddle is actually making attempt to purchase nuclear heads from a dealer that was supposed to sell to the terrorists.

5. Road House


The Movie Road House tells the story of a man who decides to take up the security of his own bar, after being a bouncer in a bar owned by someone else. Being a resident of his own bar, he begins to learn things. He employees vigilance to make sure his employees shun evil and corrupt deals.

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Being the security personnel in a club that gets visited on a daily basis by vicious men. Dalton soon learns he will have to continually use his fists. Along the line, he is faced with betrayal, which is the backbone of the entire movie.

6. Patriot Games


The movie patriot games tell the story of a fiction character named jack Ryan, who rescues princes and princess of wales from kidnap. In this process, he kills one of the perpetrators and suffers a bullet wound from one of the perpetrators who is later arrested and put in jail.

Unfortunately, the imprisoned kidnapper regains freedom, thanks to the help of his crew members. After gaining freedom, Miller comes to attack Jack Ryan, making him pay for disrupting his kidnap attempt years ago. Miller attacks the jack family. Jack joins the CIA so he could fight back more effectively.

7. Sleepless

sleepless action movie

The Movie boils down on the deeds of evil cops. A good cop gets framed what a bad cop did. How does he survive this? In this movie, Vincent and his partner sean hijack a cocaine consignment belonging to a drug lord, with the aim of selling the cocaine. Things go out of hand, and the FBI department needs to investigate. Vincent and Sean volunteer to investigate the crime, in order to hide their tracks.

Being suspicious, Bryant and Jennifer decide to also get involved in the case. Due to the fact that he was more conspicuous, Bryant is attacked, his son his kidnapped, he is to return the stolen cocaine as Ransome. How does the story end? I guess you would have to watch the movie to gain that Info.

8. Braven


The Movie Braven tells the story of a word logger who leaves with his wife, kid, and his ill father, who suffers from brain injuries. His father’s condition worsens, The wood logger needs to take his father on a mini-vacation to help him heal.

A lot happens in his absence. His co-worker is tempted to become a driver for a cocaine hauling gang. He refused and lost his life. How does the wood logger deal with this occurrence? I guess you would have to watch the movie to find out.

9. Project Gutenberg


The Movie Project Gutenberg tells the story of a painter who gets roped in crime. He is accused of forging the works of other great artists.  Although forgery is a crime punishable under the law, his forgery isn’t the main crime here.

Lee man is confused for another painter who is into shady deals. In the absence of the identity of this painter, the government holds Lee man, as they feel he will lead them to the suspect they wish to capture. This movie is an action movie filled with gun violence. Does the government succeed in their quest? I guess you would have to watch the movie to tell.

10. Reign of Assassins


The Movie reign of assassins, tells the story of an ancient warrior whose remains causes pandemonium. The prime minister’s possession of these remains attracts a lot of evil forces his way, evil forces that seek the power of the remains. He gets attacked, and unfortunately, he doesn’t know how to harness the power of the remains to save himself.

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The remains get carted away by one of the assassins that struck him. This assassin flees with the remains, without plans of letting her gang get hold of the remains. This movie centers on how this single assassin was able to keep the remains from her gang. She has to wade off a lot of attacks, some of which nearly claimed her life.

11. Final Score


The movie final score tells the story of two men Demitri and Akardy, who have decided to spare head an independence revolution in their country. Following the intense opposition from the government, Demitri is killed, and Akardy gets arrested.

Later on, Akardy regains his freedom and learns that Demitri may have faked his death Andi’s currently in hiding. Akardy seeks to know Demitri’s location. He finds Demitri but discovers Demitri now has a new orientation.

12. Sholay


The movie Sholay tells the story of a retired policeman who decides to crack down a set of bandits before finally drops his gun.  In order to bring this operation to succeed, this retired policeman employs the service of another set of bandits, who are closed to the wanted bandits.

He doubled increases the reward set by the government. Of course, money doesn’t guarantee the total success of the operation; they have to fight their way through for the capture to be a success.

13. Aggression Scale


Aggression Scale is a movie based blood bath between a thief and the owner of the stolen goods. Bellavance sends his thugs to Owen’s house, in an attempt to recover the money from him. Turns out, he underestimated Owen. Bellavance thugs get attacked by bloodthirsty Owen.

This movie covers all Owen did to make sure he wasn’t captured. If you are in for intense, gory action, this could just be the movie you need. It is a highly recommended movie on Amazon prime.

14. Total Recall


The movie total recall, tells the story of a man whose mind has being toiled with. He lives a false life for an ephemeral period of time. He soon learns about his original identity and discovers he was placed in false reality by the people who were originally his close acquaintances.

As stories begin to unfold, he then discovers his vicinity is under an alien siege. He must fight his way through to restore sanity.

15. Fist Of Fury


Last but certainly not least is the movie Fist of Fury. It tells the story of a kungFu and marshall artist who has to save his foundation dojo from a set of deviants. In this movie, Chen Zen is seen battling enemies that surface after his master Huo Ynaija.

A quest of this nature requires Chen Zen employs all that he has learned. How far do his intellect and strength take him? You would have to watch the movie to find out.


Fist fury concludes this list of best action movies on Amazon Prime. If you do desire the best of action movies, there is a high chance for your next set of favorite movies is on the list above. If you have other recommendations, do let us know in the comment section below.

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