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Over the years, has grown to become a one-stop hub for movies. is a website that lets users download a large number of premium movies for free. Movies on are categorized to facilitate easy reach and also eliminate the stress of rigorous searching. This organization of movies into different categories is one of the major reasons is highly sought after. may be a one-stop hub for movies, but if you desire to download Nollywood movies, is certainly not the place. In this article, we explore a list of top best sites like for Nollywood movies. alternatives


NetNaija is an all-purpose entertainment website. It serves fans with the latest songs, gossip news, videos, and lots more. If you go through the main link “” you might get confused, as it doesn’t seem to be a movie website from its home page, but clicking on the right tab on the site introduces a whole new world.

To gain access to this library of Nollywood movies, simply click here. You will be presented with a plethora of Nollywood movies you can download. Apart from Nollywood movies, Netnaija also offers a wide range of movies from different film industries, and these collections of movies were arranged orderly for easy sorting.


Similar to, is another multi-purpose website, which offers Nollywood movies for downloads as one of its services. on the homepage appears to be a Nigerian gossip and music blog, but navigating through the right channels, gives access to a portal of Nollywood movies.

If you intend to exhaust the list of movies on this platform, you would have to scroll through over a thousand pages. This is to give you an idea of the magnitude of Nigerian movies here.

To gain direct access to the movie section on this website, you can visit this URL, and you will be taken straight to the Nollywood movies section on this website.

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3. is another hub for Nigerian movies disguised in an entertainment blog shell. It is a one-stop hub for different genres of Nollywood movies. From comedy to romantic Nollywood movies, has you covered.

Though movies hee are not as much as those in Naijaplas, its going to take you some to time to exhaust the films here. Again going through the home link (, you won’t gain direct access to these Nollywood movies; you would have to go through this link

4. is another highly recommended website to source for your favorite Nollywood movies. You will find Nollywood movies from different genres here. You will discover Nollywood comedy, romance, action, and Blackmagic Nollywood movies here.

Unfortunately, follows suit with the already listed. is an entertainment blog, at first sight, you will need to do some further clicks to gain access to the hub of Nollywood movies are you can simply go through this URL, which takes you straight to the Nollywood movie section.


In search of a website that offers your favorite Nollywood movies for download? Head over to may just be the website you have been searching for. What would you find here? is a hub for entertainment content. is basically an entertainment website that offers audio and video content for downloads. Navigate to the Nollywood movie section, and you gain access to many Nollywood movies that can be downloaded for free. For easy reach, please go through this link.

6. is a website that lets users download different things for free. On, you would find audio files, software, books, images, and lots more.

Fortunately, Nollywood movies are among the things you can download from Head over to this address,  and you are presented with a prestigious amount of Nollywood movies. In order to make download easier, You have the liberty to download movies with different quality, both high and low.

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Still, on the topic of best sites like for Nollywood movies, is another highly recommended website.

It’s a website that attempts to meet all the needs of a fan of Nollywood movies. offers Nollywood movies from different categories. To gain access to Nollywood movies on this website, kindly visit this page


Last but certainly not least in this article on best sites like, is takes after the majority of websites mentioned in this article. is an entertainment website, that offers entertainment news, music, videos, and lots more.

You will also find Nollywood videos from different categories, including Yoruba movies. Similar to, Nollywood movies here have been neatly organized for easy reach. To gain access to the Nollywood movies on this website, you can go through this link. completes my list of best sites like for Nollywood movies. If you have knowledge of other top-notch websites that offer Nollywood movies for downloads, do let us know in the comment section below.

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