10 Best Apps to Stream Football Matches on Android and iOS

There is this joy that goes along with having to watch live matches. It’s far from what you get from watching highlights or getting a narration of how the match went. However, keeping up with all your favorite matches isn’t an easy thing, as you can’t be glued to your TV 247. This is where Apps to stream Football Matches on Android and iOS comes into play.

Football streaming apps are the way to go if you fancy being updated in the world of football and sports in general. It brings football games to the comfort of your smartphone and other mobile devices with support for these apps. This article streamlines the humongous list of available Football streaming apps to a list of 10 of the best, which is intended to reduce the stress that goes along with searching. These apps are outlined below:


10 Best Apps to stream Football Matches on Android and iOS

ESPN comes in as one of the top players in the world of sports. It has over the years established its self in the sports industry, by offering what can be described as services that are apt for sports enthusiasts. ESPN covers a wide range of sports, which also includes Football.

Among the channels used in rendering its services, is the ESPN app. The app can be described as an extension of its TV services. It offers live sports streaming from top leagues in the world, not just football leagues but from other sports leagues like UFC, MLS, NHL, and more. The ESPN is available on the Google Playstore as well as the Apple App Store.

2. Mobdro

Mobdro for Android

Mobdro is unarguably one of the most solidified platforms for streaming sports. It one of the most recommended platforms for Android users to stream football matches on Android and iOS. It doesn’t require any cable TV subscription.

It’s a 100% free service. All it requires is a strong internet connection. Aside from offering sports content, Mobdro is also host to non-sport related content. Enthusiasts can watch other channels that include Mnet, ABC Family, CBS, CNBC, and more.

3. La Liga Sports TV

La Liga Sports TV

The La Liga Sports TV app brings a ton of live sports to the comfort of your fingertips. It keeps you abreast without your favorite sports games. You basically do not have to be glued to your TV ser unless that’s your desire.

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The La Liga sports TV offerings cut across sports games like Soccer games, Basketball league, Tennis, hockey, golf, swimming, water polo,  and lots more. It’s a hub for live sports games. It’s available on both the Google Playstore and the Apple app store.

4. SuperSport


Supersport is yet another top player in the world of sports media and like any serious-minded sports media company should, Supersport has an App annex that allows enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite sports content from the comfort of their smartphones, tablet, and other supported mobile platforms.

Supersport provides content on football, cricket, rugby, golf, tennis, and motorsport. Aside from offering live content, the SuperSport app also provides video highlights, live scores, results, fixtures, and more. The SuperSports app is available on both the Android and Apple App Store.

5. CBS Sports

CBS Sports

The CBS Sports app can be described as an entertainment hub for sports enthusiasts. It’s one of the apps recommended for enthusiasts who desire to be abreast with Football activities at almost the instant.

CBS sport offers live streams from the UEFA champions league, National Women’s Soccer League, and lots more. CBS Sports also offers personalized news on your favorite teams, leagues, and athletes. The CBS Sports app is available on the Google Playstore and also the Apple App Store.

6. Fancred


Fancred comes in as a companion app for enthusiasts who are very enthusiastic about sports. It can be seen as a virtual home for all things sport. Fancred is basically the app to download if you love sports.

The Fancred smartphone app lets you stream live sports matches, offers a community for sports enthusiasts to interact. Sports fans can share photos, videos, and opinions with fellow sports fans. The Fancred app is available on the Google Playstore and Apple iTunes Store.

7. Flash Score

Flash Score

Still on the topic of the best apps to stream football matches on Android and iOS. Flash Score is yet another highly recommended app you should totally consider if you care a lot about the amount of data spent when streaming live matches.

The Flash Score offers nearly instant updates on sports scores, this means you don’t have to watch videos, all you need to is keep abreast of the provided scoreboards. The Flashscore app covers football, tennis, basketball, hockey, rugby, and lots more. The Flash score app provides Live tables, match previews, Line ups and head-to-head. The Flash Score app can be downloaded on the Apple app store and the Google Playstore.

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8. Live Score

Live Score

The Live score app is yet another app that keeps you abreast with the world of football, without having to bother about the data spent on streaming live matches. The Live score app provides near-instant updates on Football matches.

Inside the app, you will get live notifications on goals, Live commentary red cards, fixtures, league tables, and lots more. The Live scores app is available on the Google Playstore as well as the Apple App Store.

9. BeIN Sports Connect

BeIN Sports Connect

BeIN sports connect makes a bridge between sports enthusiasts and the world of sports. It is an app designed to help sports fans to keep up with the world of football.

The game with this app is sort of in two ways. It’s either you keep with live match push notifications or you watch the match live. The BeIN Sports app is available on the Google App store as well as the Apple App Store.

10. Live Sports TV

Live Sports TV

Last but certainly not the least, is the Live Sports TV app. Much like the majority of the already listed apps, Live Sports TV is an app dedicated to offering Football, as well as other sports categories.

With Live Sports TV, you’ll get access to live matches, as well as keeping yourself updated with the world of sports. Inside the Live sports TV app, you will find. cricket, basketball, football, volleyball, golf,  Olympic Games, and lots more. The Live Sports TV is available on the Google Playstore for download.

Wrapping up

There you have it – a comprehensive list of 5 of the best apps to stream football matches on Android and iOS. If you have any personal favorites or other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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