Price-list of Tecno Phones and Devices in Nigeria: Updated Regularly

The Tecno brand of mobile android  phone is no doubt one of the most popular, cheapest and the most sought after low-end android phone by the Nigerian populace.

Techno mobility is a very popular brand in the Nigerian smartphone market today and has even made a bigger mark by introducing the Phantom five (Tecno Phantom 5) that is not only premium but does feature the fingerprint technology to the amazement of their rivals.

Tecno smartphones are hugely patronized by the low-income earners which are not unconnected with the fact that their devices are built with all categories of consumers in mind. Viz; the high, medium and low-income earners.

Due to the enormous popularity of Tecno smartphones and devices and their recent entry to the premium OEM devices makers, a lot of e-malls with dubious prices are fast rising on the Nigerian cyberspace.

I have decided to give you a near-perfect List of all available Tecno phones in Nigeria and their prices. With this, you can put a check to the outrageous amount put out there by most sellers that intend ripping you off of your hard-earned money.


Tecno T347


Tecno T420


Tecno T410


Tecno T462


Tecno T430


Tecno T470


Tecno T463


Tecno TV52


Tecno T733


Tecno T483


Tecno T525


Tecno W2

NGN 20,000

Tecno w2

Tecno W3



Tecno J5

Techno J5



Tecno M6



Techno j7_boom

Tecno 7C Droipad


Tecno C5

Techno c5

Tecno H7

Tecno H7

Tecno Camon C8


Tecno W4


tecno w4





Tecno L8


Tecno l8

Tecno V7 Phantom


Tecno Camon c9


camon 9

Tecno DroidPAD 10pro


Tecno Boom J8

₦50, 000


Tecno Phantom 5



Tecno L9 plus


Tecno L9

Tecno Winpad 2



Tecno Phantom 6


Tecno Phantom 6

Tecno Camon C7


Tecno Camon C7

Tecno W5


Tecno w5

Tecno 8D

₦66, 888.00


Tecno Camon CX Air


Camon CX

Tecno Camon CX


Camon Cx air

Tecno Camon CX Limited Edition (Manchester City)
NGN 95, 000

Camon cx limited edition

Tecno Phantom 6 plus
NGN N115,000

Tecno Phantom 6 plus

Tecno Spark Plus K9
NGN40, 000

Tecno Spark Plus K9

 Tecno Spark K7
NGN33, 000

 Tecno Spark K7


Tecno WX4
NGN 33, 500

Tecno WX4

Tecno WX3
NGN27, 000

Tecno WX3

Tecno Camon CMore

NGN55, 000

Camon Cmore

Tecno Phantom 8

NGN130, 000 – NGN140, 000

Tecno Phantom 8


NOTE: all the phones listed above are not sold by US, this list is to enable people to make a better choice when trying to buy a Techno phone.

The listed prices were sourced from Slot and other top e-commerce stores in Nigeria. You can safely buy a Tecno smartphone of choice from Konga, Slot, and Jumia.

if you encounter any problem with shopping online and/or understanding the phone to go for, please do drop us a line.

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  1. OlodoRabata says:

    The rate at which these Tecno phones are evolving is superbly wonderful in the tech industry

  2. Israel says:

    Everyone has been looking down on these guys really, but they have always proven us wrong.

    I have said it before and I’ll say it again that I await what they will do this YEAR

  3. Israel says:

    Really, Tecno is leaving no room for competition ooo…LOL
    Kudos to Tecno

  4. OlodoRabata says:

    Everyone has been looking down on these guys really, but they have always proven us wrong.

    waiting in my little corner for them

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