10 Best Apps to Stream Football Matches on Android and iOS

There is this joy that goes along with having to watch live matches. It's far from what you get from watching highlights or getting a narration of how the match went. However, keeping up with all your favorite matches isn't an easy thing, as you can't be glued to your TV 247. This is where Apps to stream Football Matches on Android and iOS comes into play. Football streaming apps are the way to Read On

10 Health and Fitness iPhone Apps for a Healthy Lifestyle

We've all heard—or rather, read on a blue-lit screen—that smartphones are wrecking our health. And indeed, they're packed with moreish social media and immersive games that can keep us fixed to the couch for hours—and then deliver calorie-packed takeaways right to our laps with the swipe of a few screens. But once you finally crash out of Candy Crush and wipe the pasanda off your screen, Read On

The Popular Money Making Apps for Smartphones [Infographic]

How did the concept of money-making through mobile apps come to being? Well, it must have been from the time developers came across the idea of App Store Optimization. Everyone wants to make money off their ideas: who wouldn't? The incredible thing about this is that one thing has led to the other. And for you to be a beneficiary of this new money making task you will need a smartphone that can Read On