20 of the Best Free Live TV streaming Sites of 2021

The introduction of streaming websites to the entertainment world has made the streaming of our favorite shows, movies e.t.c a very seamless process. Users can stream their favorite content on the go without having to bother about cable TV packages. Live TV streaming websites allow users to stream content on any internet-enabled device with a display.

Getting to know the best websites for Live streaming may be a chore, something that is facilitated by a plethora of websites offering Live TV streaming services. This article, just like StreamingSites.com, streamlines the whole process. Here we explore a near-comprehensive list of the best free live TV streaming sites. These websites are listed below for your perusal:

1. Time4TV.stream

 Best Free Live TV streaming Sites

Time4sTV.stream packs in exciting channels from the UK and the united states. You get to watch a lot of live content directly from your internet-enabled device.

With Time4TV.stream, you are provided with lots of channels to stream, some of which include Sky Network, BT Sports, Sony Network, Star Network, Fox Network, ESPN, MU TV, NFL Network, MLB Network, WWE Network, NBA TV and lots more. News and sports make up the majority here.  In order to ensure reach, Time4TV offers users with multichoice links to choose from.

2. YuppTV.com


If you love Indian content, then YuppyTV.com is certainly the website for you. It is a platform that meets the need of Indians in the diaspora as well as fans who love watching Indian entertainment content.

Aside from being available as a website, YuppTV.com is also available as an app compatible with iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV and lots more. YuppTV offers movies, TVshows, sports, comedy and lots more.

3. Stream2watch.we


Unlike the aforementioned stream sites, Stream2watch.ws is a more versatile free live TV site, offering contents from about 18 countries, which includes UK, US, Canada, Italy, Russia, Spain and lots more.

It’s difficult to get disinterested in these channels available at your disposal. Stream2watch.we platform offers content ranging from sport, movies and live shows. Stream2watch.we also provides users with numerous links just in case the first option doesn’t pull through.

4. Nfl-streams.org


NFL streams is a sport centric streaming website. It lets users stream NFL games online for free. This platform lets you stream NFL games from top sports sites like EPSN, FoxSports, NBC sports, Bein sports, CBC sports and lots more.

In a bid to give users an enjoyable experience, the NFL streams platform features a plugin that makes streaming a lot faster. Open Nfl-streams.org, you are presented with a very intuitive interface that makes browsing through the channels very easy.

5. NFLWebcast.com


NFLWebcast.com is yet another free live streaming site that is based on NFL content. Similar to NFLsteams.org, users get to watch NFL sports from channels which include PSN, FoxSports, NBC sports, Bein sports, CBC sports and lots more, without having to pay a dime.

It is a cost-free website that gives you access to your favorite NFL content for free. Content here is provided in high definition, as well as standard quality.

6. 123tvnow.com


Still, on the topic of free live TV streaming sites, 123tvnow.com is yet another highly recommended website. It is one of those streaming sites that offer a wide variety of channels.

Content provided on 123tvnow.com, isn’t restricted by a specific niche. You have got over 70 channels to choose from. Users can stream content from channels which include, BBC, ESPN, NBC, Disney Junior, nickelodeon and lots more.

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7. Hotstar.com


Hotstar leaves to match its moniker. Hotstar is more of an Indian platform, offering Indian content.  You have got hot content coming to you hot.

Hotstar.com offers users with Movies, sports, and TV shows in 9 different languages.  You are served entertaining video content in high-definition. Aside from being available on the internet, Hotstar is also available as an app for Android and iOS.

8. LihaTV.com


LihavTV.com brings TV streaming to all your devices, irrespective of the operating system it runs. As long as it has a screen, you are good to go.

LihaTV provides a very user-friendly interface to stream entertaining and informative content on the internet. You have got the option to either choose from sports content, Tvshows, movies and lots more.

9. SquidTV.net


SquidTV.net offers content that serves enthusiasts from different continents. SquidTV provides entertaining content for Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East. Users get to stream content that is peculiar to their country as well as that of other countries.

It tries to bridge the gap that exists in intercontinental entertainment. Users get to engross themselves with entertainment content beyond their country or continent.

10. Streema.com/tv


Streema.com is yet another streaming website that isn’t country-specific. You get to stream content from a large number of countries, which include Afghanistan, Australia, Argentina, Mexico, the United States and lots more.

You also get a long list of channels to quench your thirst for entertainment and information, the kind that is certainly going to drive boredom far from you. It isn’t just visual TV stuff, you also get radio channels.

11. Tubi TV


Tubi TV is more of a movie-centric platform. It lets you stream cool movies for free. You have got a plethora of categories to choose from. Categories which include s Romance, Drama, Action, Horror, Cult Classics, Reality TV and a lot more.

TubiTV also provides a very intuitive user interface, that makes finding your favorite movies a breeze. Tubi TV lets you watch all your favorite movies via its website. Aside from being available on the internet, Tubi TV is also available as an app on Android and iOS.

12. Airtel TV


Airtel TV is one of those Legal websites that offer free movies streaming and TV shows. With Airtel TV, you have got over 350 live channels to stream at your leisure, alongside over 1000 blockbuster movies to watch.

It is difficult to not stay entertained with the Airtel TV at your disposal. Content offered by Airtel TV can be assessed via their website and also via the Airtel TV app available on iOS and Android platforms.

13. TVPlayer.com


TVPlayer is yet another top player in the Live TV streaming game. You have got an online platform that lets you stream over 45 channels on any device, provided its connected to the internet.

Entertaining content here includes movies, news, documentaries and lots more. Aside from being available via TVplayer.com, you can also access this platform via the TV player app on iOS, Android, chrome and lot more.

14. Pluto TV

Pluto TV

PlutoTV makes streaming your favorite entertainment content closer to you, bring it to your convenience. It makes sure you aren’t restricted to any Gadget.

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You get to stream over 100 channels from available internet-connected devices like your smartphone, smart TV, PlayStation 4, PC and lots more. Categories here include TV shows and Movies. Pluto TV is also available as an App for Android and iOS.

15.  SonyLiv.com

Sony Liv

The Sonyliv.com platform offers content that is centered around Indian entertainment. If you are into Indian entertainment, SonyLiv.com may just be the free TV site for you, as it caters for your needs.

SonyLiv.com offers news, TVshows, movies, Live TV and lots more. You also get football and NBA content. It is also available as an app for Android and iOS.

16. HyFyTV.today


The HyfyTV.today platform serves live TV content from Europe and India. If you are enthusiastic about the content coming from either Europe or India, HyfyTV is highly recommended.

You have a variety of Live TV contents to stream from this region, the kind that is bound to keep you entertained.  The HyfyTV platform has a web browser extension that ensures streaming goes smoothly.

17.  MXPlayer.in


Yes, you read it right. One of the most used video players on Android actually has a web platform that lets users stream live TV content for free. MXplayer.in offers over 180 free to air channels for live stream.

This platform offers TVshows, movies from numerous genres, songs, and news. It’s a free platform. Please note that you will be needing a functioning virtual private network (VPN).

18. VodafonePlay.in



Vodafoneplay.in offers a pretty straight forward platform to stream TV online. You have got a plethora of Indian channels to stream. Its user-friendly interface makes streaming very seamless.

With the vodafoneplay platform, you have got the power to stream Live TV on any of your devices at your convenience.

19. FreeTV.com


Its moniker says it all. FreeTV.com is a free website that lets users stream live TV at no cost. FreeTV.com offers over 185 free channels to stream online. FreeTV.com lets you stream live TV content with any internet-connected device at your disposal.

Freetv.com provides movies, news, sports, weather religious content and lots more. FreeTV.com isn’t country-specific as it provides content from Africa, the US, Canada, Indian Subcontinent, SEA, Middle East, China, East Asia, Latin America, and Europe

20. NowTV.com


Last but certainly not least is the NowTV.com platform. Similar to other platforms on this list of best free live TV sites, NowTV.com lets you stream live TV on your internet-connected devices for free.

You have got live channels from over 60 vendors to stream from. Sports and Live TV shows can be streamed here. But please note that the NowTV platform is only available in the UK, Ireland, and Italy.

Wrapping it Up:

There you have it – a comprehensive list of the best free live TV streaming sites. If you have any personal favorites or other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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