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What else could be better than a passionate blogger like myself sharing my favorite free tv apps with you. Dstv is the most popular tv distributor from this  part , hence the quest for free dstv software which isn’t what we are about discussing here in this long collection.

This is to share with you the apps, methods and tweaks I have used to make sure that I am up with happenings in the sports & entertainment world including the free software I have used in attaining that.

Let’s start with recipes from 3rd Planet Techies.

Free Tv on Computer Software We shared a stunning free pc app for watching religious channels, sport channels, news channels, movies, radio stations and thousands of channels worldwide.

Read the post excerpt  and download below:

Do you want to watch movies , sports, religious channels like Emmanuel tv & loveworld, news and online radio stations on your computer for free without additional subscription?here is the link to Download free tv on computer software.

Free Tv on Android smartphones and tabletsThis was another great share of a free app to watch live football matches and sundry on any android powered device. see the post excerpt and download link below.

Sybla Tv Review: Watching Live Tv and Football Matches On any android Phone, Tablets or Devices Is a review / tutorial I had wanted to share long before now but couldn’t ‘cos I was expecting it to come to the android market (google play store) but to my greatest surprise it isn’t there yet.

It is actually no surprise at all that the sybla tv app isn’t available in all google play store worldwide probably ‘cos it is only very popular among the Asians and the Middle Easterners.
In my own very opinion I will say that this is the best singular  android app I can always vouch for when it comes to streaming Live football matches, Live wrestling matches, Live News programs, Live Movie channels, Live events and sundry. This app so impressed me to the point I stopped paying for my dstv subscription ‘cos the dstv mobile decoder range I was using before sybla tv wasn’t giving me more than the free app itself , not to mention about the other alternative apps like the spb tv, netflix and watch tv that I removed after installing sybla tv.Read and Download Sybla Tv from the “sybla tv review page“.

Bonus Tweak from 3rd Planet Techies

Moving And Removing Icons From Apple TV’s Main Menu
See the post excerpt below ;
Many people are not aware that icons on their Apple TV’s main menu can be reorganized or removed. The task of modifying icon placement should be simple for most iPhone users, but you do not need to be familiar with Apple products to do it. Do not let anyone trick you into paying for this service. Anyone can do it – it is easy and free! Read the sections below to learn how you can reorganize and clean up your main menu.

Read full tutorial

That’s the collections we could pick from the 3rd Planet Techies blog, let’s proceed with collections from The Tech Diary.

How To Root Xiaomi Redmi 10x 4G, 10x 5G and 10x Pro 5G


Free DSTV (TV) Softwares

This was how it was tagged at the tech diary, you can see the post excerpts below;


the spam is all over the net announcing free dstv software!but i have got good news for curious minds dstv lets you watch channels like super sport, africa magic, cnn and many more, in the same vein, free dstv softwares does the same.
what is so special about this free dstv software is what every careful and curious persons should be asking of.
1. it works with every reliable internet connection
2. it is at its best with speedbit video accelerator
3. it requires no hard wares
4. no tv card needed
5. no antenna needed
6. it is all free you pay no subscription fee
7. you can add new channels every day
8. it comes with as few as 72 channels

Read and download your choice tv software for computers.


Watch ait & Nta live & free! No hardware / software needed 

Although this tweak no longer works but was included in our collections ‘cos of how relevant it really was in the time past. View the post excerpts below;

with recent development and online researches i found out that one can uninterruptedly watch ait and nta which are the most watched tv channels in Nigeria and west Africa as a whole.

many may be doubtful of this when i said it is live and free, but i will not end my post/topic without a proof.

requirement: due to some discouraging issues encountered when watching movies online i have map out the following software listed below which will drastically eliminate this factors the software is:
1. jave runtime se which can be grabbed at www.java.com
2.adobe flash player which can be grabbed at www.adobe.com
3. shokewave player which is located at www.adobe.com
4. speedbit video accelerator you can search for it using the search bar by the side of this site

after upgrading the named softwares follow this link http://www.watchait.com to watch ait live and this link http://www.watchnta.com to watch nta free.

Let’s gladly conclude our collections with  recipes from Techies Forum

Watch Live sports & movie channels on your Android phone & Tablets For free

This is a forum thread and a worthy one at that, view the thread excerpts below;

Before Reading just download the needed applications from this links

1. Download Sybla Tv Version1.02 (v1.02) from here

2. Download full version of mxplayer with kodek from here

3. you may also download direct apk of mxplayer from here

In my words I will say this is a free alternative to Dstv Mobile drifter which enables you to watch television stations & channels while on vacation or mobile .

I want to discuss about top rated free working application you can use to watch live matches Like the premier league , Spanish La-liga , Italian Seria A, Portuguese League , live events , movies as a smart phone owner . What prompted me to  create this tutorial is when I keep getting many request from the contact form asking me about the possibility of watching 2013 African Cup of Nations (AFCON) For free using their mobile phone .Read full thread and tutorial here

Sybla Tv: Best for Watching Live Tv , Matches On android Phones / Tab

Watch Over 3,000 free tv and radio channels on ur computer using this software

This another worthy collection as it was personally posted by me @ Techies Forum.
See thread excerpts below;

Though this info has been around for a while it is always good to share it so that people who are yet to hear about it can follow . this is a small software that allows you watch over 3,000 free tv channels ranging from different countries, religion , sports and many more.

With this software it is almost difficult to miss Emmanuel Tv life streaming for Nigerian , BBC broadcast and many more useful channels you wouldn’t want to miss just.

I have two fantastic software for this I have just uploaded one which you can download now from my mediafire link here http://www.mediafire.com/?k1de43c9awphz1e Download the free tv channels and radio stations from this link http://www.mediafire.com/?k1de43c9awphz1e just install and lunch.
feel free to post other working ones here.

Follow Thread Discussion by clicking here

How to Watch more than 3,200 full india Films /movies & more Online for Free

This was very awesome and hence making my free tv solutions, you simple watch movies without downloading any software, see thread excerpts below;

Considering the cost of paying for home videos and movies and how short most youtube videos are one may be in dear need of a directory to watch full movies and not just video clips for free.

There is fully legal lengthy videos for you to watch for free , including movies from various countries , cultures , believe and more . There is both indian films , Chinese films african movies, hollywood movies and more just go to  http://www.snagfilms.com/ for your free full home videos , movies , films and more

How to watch live Football & events on Your Symbian phone

This was actually posted by once an active member of the forum “humblelad” and sure provides real knowledge for Symbian smartphone users when it comes to watching live football matches and other interesting movies. See thread’s excerpt for details;

I have been using this application on my Symbian phone to watch live football (soccer) matches  before moving to android. you will definitely enjoy it, it is called “UcPlayer” Just download it via nokia ovi site , download your favorite stations and stream on the go Follow tv for Symbian smartphone thread here

Watch Live Cricket for Free

This was actually posted by one of the Techies Forum admin and can be spotted from the excerpt below;

To watch live cricket click http://cricboom3.ucoz.com/ch1.html

Free Cricket Streaming for your website. Copy Code Below

<iframe src=”http://embed.cricket-365.info” width=”600″ height=”500″ id=”myfr” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ marginheight=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ >Your Browser Do not Support Iframe</iframe>


Follow the free cricket thread here

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