Inside Bonny Island: Nature Park Photos, NLNG Route & Lovely Features

Bonny Island, often refereed to as Okoloma Local Government Area Bonny (OLGA Bonny) is a small town in Rivers State with moderate population and really tantalizing re-recreational activities.

More than 10 well-known companies of international repute operates in the Island with most in the engineering, construction, oil and gas division.

Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG), Shell petroleum development company (SPDC) and Mobil unlimited; being the biggest player in the Island have continued to give their quota towards social responsibilities, community development and coöperate partnerships in the growing town.

This has made 24 hours electricity (year in, year out) an envied possibility in the Island. The night-life is fun, beach party is held twice in a year while the popular Nwantam cultural display that attracts many spectators is held once every year.

Here’s some picture collection to allude you on what the Island looks like…

Bonny Island, Finima area

site area in Finima, Bonny


along lng finima route, Bonny Island

along Finima NLNG route, Bonny Island, R/S


Bonny nature park, Finima

Along Bonny nature park, Finima, Bonny Island


inside bonny island nature park

Picture taken inside the Bonny Nature Park


Some other picture collection showcasing the Finima Nature Park, Bonny Island, Rivers State, Nigeria.


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