My Goals for 2014 as a Tech Blogger

In few hours from today 2013 will come to a halt with the glimmering brightness of 2014 already approaching, it is only wise for me to discuss my
goals for this coming year with you.

I will make it as short as possible since what I’m gonna share with you is what affects my online activities as a tech blogger.

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1. I will give more to charity

is the area I have mostly ignored as a tech blogger, the last time I
donated to a plugin developer was about two months ago when I newly
restored my paypal account, that was even the third and last time I have
ever donated to an open source project.

Going from what I have
revealed above, it is easier to understand I haven’t given much to
charity nor supported open source projects as much as I should.

is a barrier I will conquer in 2014 as I do not only plan to support
open source projects, but also to donate more to charity and help
programs aimed at supporting the less-privileged.

2. I will build one giant open source app or plugin
have been benefiting this many years from the effort of others without
really adding much in terms of apps development, plugins and games.

look forward to building a features-packed theme, plugin or app that
will be free and able to compete with premium versions of same idea.

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has been a real burden to me for sometimes now, but I couldn’t really
do much considering how difficult it is to separate college activities
from blogging let alone, planning and building programs.

3. I will learn new programming language
future of wordpress development seems to be going towards javascript,
jQuery and html5. So combining the knowledge of dhtml with Ruby, oracle
or any other top programming language order than php is a kinda
diversity I wouldn’t like to ignore in 2013.

4. I want to develop a robust web application that will be beneficial to my readers
isn’t any way my above goals won’t force me to develop a robust web
application that will serve a unique purpose for me, my readers and
other tech enthusiasts.

This is a feet I will dance all day if I’m able to meet up fully with it before the end of the year 2014.

5. I want to Create More Video Tutorials and eBooks  
was really too busy for me, I was only able to create 3 unique videos
and only 1 eBook. In 2014, I look forward to creating many long video
tutorials and educative eBooks that will not only be useful to my
readers but such that will go viral and also benefit bloggers and tech

6. I want to fully embrace Responsive Designs
To hell with mobile redirecting plugins, who talks about that in 2014?

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want to fully incorporate 100% responsive designs to become part of my
design proposals in such a way that every of my portfolio irrespective
of the size will go with a fully responsive design. I also want to build
mobile and web apps into my designs as part of my push for better
superior responsive designs

7.To build a real business around blogging
is where I will stop with my list for today, I will continue with
second part of it by January 2014. Improving my blogging ethics and
building a real business around our official blog [] is
another goal I must achieve in 2014. I will also look for workable ways
to improve user’s engagement and social media interaction over all of our fan

Over to you
This is the first part of my goals for
2014 as a tech blogger, what do you think about them? Do you care to
share your own goals as well? Let’s get it rolling in the comments

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