2+1 Web Hosting Providers that Rocks!

I am a person that’s addicted to using stuff that rocks! All my pals knows about this.

I’m clearly allergic to anything that sucks! That’s my reason for having never recommended any Nigerian Local Web Hosting Company to you guys.

No doubts, Nigeria have got superior tech heads but not in matters relating to having a strong data center that’s almost infallible and can always handle the kinda traffic you ‘re dreaming of.

That explains why most Nigerian Hosting Companies are only but resellers to top foreign hosting companies that ‘ve gat  flawless data centers to handle large volume of traffic.

Back to today’s topic; I wanna reveal to you guys as usual, top 2+1 Hosting Companies that actually Rocks.

Being a website designer, I have used several hosting companies including 3 different local ones (in the past) and about 7 different foreign ones, not forgetting those mochahost guys that had my money wrongly eaten up by their system.

Coming down to the best 2 hosting companies that can easily make my list as top using my past experiences as the criteria, I came up with this short review.

No 1.

Arvixe Hosting 

Arvixe Hosting needs no introduction to any of our long time follower as we have always recommended them to you guys.

I came to know about arvixe hosting days after my bad experience with mochahost web hosting company (see post here). Since then, I have never looked back from recommending them to each and every one of our clients and buddies.

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Arvixe hosting is awesome no doubt, who will write as much as 7 reasons for recommending a service if it isn’t awesome?

Arvixe web hosting also made our list (see here) of top 5 web hosting companies that’s reliable, fast and affordable.


No 2.

Site 5 Hosting

Arvixe guys pushed me to trying out site5 hosting when they failed to transfer a site for a client ‘cos of the largeness of the file’s size.

I have since recommended them twice to a client that needed Unmanaged VPS hosting for their company.

Site5 support is particularly awesome and will just do even beyond your imagination when it comes to helping out in problems relating to your site or account with them.

You can check out the previous link above for my reason for placing site5 as another top host that rocks.

Plus one.

Zee-way Hosting

I got to know about Zee-way Hosting not long ago and can authoritatively assume they rock considering how nice their customer’s review are.

No sane techie will fault the over 2,000 fans across the social media that thinks that zee-way hosting Rocks!

I look forward to trying out their services over the coming weeks and will also advice you to do so, to have at least a first hand experience of the awesomeness they promise.

let me have your thoughts, what do you think of this hosting companies?

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Have you used any of them, Is there any other web hosting company you can recommend to a friend?

Let’s have them rolling via comments, do not forget to use the sledgehammer where necessary.

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