Why We Moved from Obasimvilla.com to 3ptechies.com

After our last post appreciating the top among our blogging pals in 2013, few messages rolled in demanding to know the real motive behind the move of “3rd Planet Techies” from obasimvilla.com to 3ptechies.com.

Well, that’s exactly what I am going to explain with this short article, there are basically 2 chief reasons that instigated the move to 3ptechies.com.

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1. Branding

The initial idea behind obasimvilla.com (Obasi Miracle Villa) was the need to have a personal homepage of my own after building popularity in other person’s blog and forums.  The idea was immediately executed by purchasing the domain name and building a tech forum in the subdomain while still undecided on what to do with the main homepage.

After a long while, I thought it wise to install wordpress in the homepage and use it as a personal blog where I will be posting various tips and ideas relating to tech.

This plan was really feasible but could face the problem of longevity as I didn’t plan monetizing it at all. So I gave up the idea and built a tech blog around it.

The real deal! Towards the later part of 2013, the idea of building a real brand came into my mind, I discussed that with the closest of my blogging buddies who advised me to pay a visit to the Nigeria Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC) which I did without taking a second thought.

After the name “3rd Planet Techies” was approved as a tech media, I went after the domain name 3ptechies.com and did all necessary rebranding that gave birth to our brand new blog located at https://www.3ptechies.com.

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2. Value

A brand built around a trusted name like “Obasi Miracle” could easily attract potential advertisers but may not attract many employees ‘cos we planned employing more content writers to help grow the quality and diversity of the blog.

We also pictured the tech blog’s current theme to be better fitted to the new domain name “3ptechies.com”

How come about the contents?

This is another question many of this bloggers were asking me, how come about the contents currently at obasimvilla.com?

Well, I used to have a more personal blog prior to this time; the blog was running on a .blogspot .com subdomain (www.obasimiracle.blogspot.com) and later changed to a custom domain name ( www.obasi-miracle.com).

I normally share high quality tech related stuff I see including those ones posted at our tech forum linking back to the original source.

I also do share tutorials and tips of my own which actually helped the blog to garner plenty of search or organic traffic.

The blog was monetized with bidvertiser and chitika since it has lots of US traffic as of that time.

So moving the blog down to obasimvilla.com wasn’t really a difficult decision to make after all obasimvilla.com appears to be more personalized than the previous domain name.

Why didn’t you redirect obasimvilla.com to 3ptechies.com?

Many were even suggesting this as a more practical solution; well, I would have tolled this route if not that I wanted to preserve the domain name “obasimvilla.com”.

Obasimvilla.com really has its own history that I personally do not want to throw away like that. Redirecting it simply means that I am allowing the domain name alongside its unique history to be forgotten just like that.

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What next?

Many were confused about the move already, questions like;

“Should I unsubscribe, stop visiting, remove my previous links to you or even remove obasimvilla.com completely from my bookmark” was the reaction of many persons that came to know about this very move.

Well, since it’s already clear to you that I am not dumping the blog, the choice of which to bookmark or unfollow should be yours to make.

If I am to suggest, I will say subscribe and follow both ‘cos I won’t be updating obasimvilla.com as much as 3ptechies.com since the former is now more personal as opposed to the later that will be frequently updated by me and other top tech bloggers.

Visiting is solely your choice to make ‘cos we are going to be updating both. If you linked to previous articles on 3rd Planet Techies, the url must be updated to reflect the new address “3ptechies.com”; else, you might be leading your readers to a broken link.

If what you linked to previously was the homepage with reference to me and not the tech blog, leaving your links intact without changing any part of it will still be very good enough for me and your readers or followers.

Finally, you can update your bookmarks to point to the new url or still leave both of them intact, after all you‘ll still get relevant tips. Do well to leave your contributions below.

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