Why Should You Use Genesis Framework For Your WordPress Blog?

I was no expert when I started blogging like you.

Whether you are a regular reader of my blog or a new one who has landed, I understand the anxiety you carry when it comes to setting up your blog and maintaining it to the best for your causes.

The title must have already given you a fair idea what I am going to talk about further.

Before you read ahead, let me tell you that I am not trying to convince you to use Genesis framework to design your blog. I am simply trying to let you know what I experienced and I felt good about this platform.

Why You Must Choose Genesis Framework

If you are a WordPress user, I am sure more than any other design framework, you will trust Genesis over others.For my site Genesis is one word solution and I also recommend Genesis (my aff.) to my friends.

People who are not using Genesis are aware of its rave reviews. But for your better understanding, in this post I’ll do a step by step analysis review to make you interpret how Genesis design framework can give you a pleasant experience while coding with your WordPress.

1. Inbuilt Compatibility with SEO

It is often a plight to select SEO plugins for new bloggers.

All in one SEO and another one is Yoast that will most of the time attract WordPress users.

Now, those who are new to blogging are hardly aware of actual pitfalls of these plugins and many of you may not know that using two SEO plugins together can conflict each other.

Fortunately, I researched and realized that Genesis possesses inbuilt SEO compatibility.

Let us throw light on its comprehensive settings for SEO.

1. Document Title Setting
Genesis allows you to set up your home description and title. You can even decide on the placement of your description whether you want to keep it on left or right.

2. Robots Metatags
In case, you want to make your site nofollow, noindex or noarchive, this can be simply from SEO setting.

3. Homepage Author
This is something I really love about Genesis. You will agree for sure if I say, Google plus plays significant role in SEO today. So, adding a Google authorship of any blog is extremely important. Genesis has inbuilt homepage author in its settings. This helps in getting Google authorship approved easily

4. Canonical URLs
Generation of canonical URLs is one of the essential requirements of a blog. If you change any URL in future, then the new one should be redirected to the old one. Canonical helps in this case.

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2. Ideal Loading Time

Everyone knows that Google loves fast loading sites and blogs. Therefore, this is one of the leading factors in the changing SEO scenario and updates like Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird.

3. Coding becomes Easy

Genesis is one such platform that is a great help for amateur bloggers who are least aware of CSS. This gives an integrated yet simple to understand framework to design the site according to your choice.

4. Nicely Supported and Well Coded

Genesis is developed by a group called StudioPress (Copyblogger Media).

They ensure to keep it updated with the latest developments and keep it compatible with the latest version of WordPress. So that keeps your worry away from compatibility when you want to download the latest version of Genesis.

Support from Genesis is easy and multi optional. You can get a support ticket with StudioPress, or you can open a thread in the support forums and of course help from web designers are available.

There are some great Genesis guides available which are developed by genesis developers for working with the Genesis Framework. Even Google search can help you with various tutelage programmes for free. That means if you are using Genesis, you are with the most committed and pro active team of support for your technical doubts and worries.

5. Updations without hampering your customization

Genesis has special child theme which gives your site a very different look.

You can just customize the child theme instead of changing the framework as a whole.

I will explain…

…Suppose you love the way your site looks. Now a week later you need to update your Genesis version. You can update without having to compromise with the outlook of your site. The child theme will remain set as it is because the customizations are stored in the child theme.

6. Installing Genesis framework is not expensive

Genesis only has a one time fee ranging around $60, whereas other themes require you to add on the processing charges every year. Child themes are priced at the range of $20 to $50. If your site is new cost is definitely a factor.

So just think of it, if you only need to pay a one time fee for the design framework of your site, it makes it highly economic. With that one time fee you are eligible for all time customer support and you can enjoy all updated versions without having to pay a penny extra.

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If you want to add anything extra, you only require to pay for that apart from the one time charge. All the Genesis purchases come with the developer’s license.

7. Genesis offers boundless possibilities

You name a feature and Genesis has that in store for you.

Suppose you want to paste a widget at the bottom of your blog post, Genesis is game.

If you want to insert a slider on your homepage you can even do that. Not only that, you are empowered with the ability to control your site exactly the way you want to.

You have the option to move, change, reconfigure, delete and add any item. You also have the option to use different sidebars for different posts. You can fill your homepage with gadgets to drag and drop contents.

5) Number of features and dedicated plugins – It has got ‘out of the box’ features like built in SEO settings and mobile responsive child themes. If however any feature is absent, I bet a developer is working on its integration.

Not necessary that only Genesis plugins can be utilised for the framework. Other plugins can also do the job if you wish to. But largely other outside plugins and themes are already a part of Genesis. So you are saved from installing 30 plugins before you know which can work with your theme.

6) If you are adept with the framework you are done – All the child themes of Genesis have different features. So does that mean you have to learn over and again?

Suppose you have done your desired customization to a site page. Now for a different page you decide to use another child theme. You can follow the same code of conduct you pursued in the previous theme. So one good lesson for Genesis theme is more than enough to last for all the customizations you want to observe.

I guess this review proves that why Genesis framework is the most popular among all the themes in WordPress. I personally love its code quality and flexibility.

There are multitude of reasons to switch to Genesis framework which can benefit you, even if you are not a web designer. With all conviction, Genesis makes your WordPress site way better. WordPress with Genesis design framework has revolutionised the ease and potential of what a website or blog can do or can be done with.

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