15 of the Best High-paying Cost Per Action (CPA) Networks

Essentially, affiliate market programs are designed for internet entrepreneurs to make cash off the content they offer. There is no telling how many they are; today, we have a plethora of affiliate market programs. What differentiates them from each other is the way they operate. We have affiliate market networks that make use of the cost per mile system, cost per mile, and cost per action. In this article, we’ll explore a list of the best paying cost per action (CPA) networks.

The cost per action network (CPA), as the name implies, is an affiliate marketing network that requires the visitor to perform an action when they enter the advertiser’s page. It isn’t as easy as the cost per click system where all the user has to do is click the ad. The cost per action network is usually adopted by hosting companies and online retail stores. Below is a comprehensive list of the best high-paying cost per action networks.

1. Max Bounty

best paying cost per action networks.

Max Bounty is a professional ad networking sites that offers great service to business firms that need to place ad adverts that bring great returns. Being a professional network, one of the best ways to serve their customers adverts to the world, is through affiliate marketing.

Max Bounty has a system that lets internet entrepreneurs make money from their websites by placing Max bounty ads on their website. Max Bounty makes use of provides internet entrepreneurs with the option of subscribing to CPA, CPS, CPL, and CPI networks. Whichever of them suites you, the choice is yours. Please note the Max Bounty has a minimum threshold of $50.

2. Clickbooth

Clickbooth CPA Affiliate Network

Clickbooth offers potential customers an opportunity to place effective ads. Customers are able to place ads that have a high tendency of reaching the desired customers. Clickbooth has been able to make this possible, courtsey their long list of affiliate market partners.

Clickbooth partners with email marketers, website owners, app developers and other entrepreneurs tied to the internet. The game here is very simple to advertise for them and get paid. Click booth offers different affiliate systems.

The Affiliate systems available at Clickbooth include – CPA, CPS, CPL, CPI, CPC, and CPE. It’s an all-in-one package. The minimum threshold payment here is $50.

3. PeerFly

PeerFly CPA Affiliate Networks

Ready to make your income soar? Peerfly is an affiliate network packed with features that helps both the beginner affiliate and the master rake in cash. It is one of those Affiliate networks that comes packed with tutorials on how to utilize the platform to make cash.

It has over the years built a very good reputation for itself. Companies like Uber, Fiverr, bookings.com, and lots more are advertisers. What are you waiting for? Log on to peerfly.com and explore their different packages. Peerfly supports the cost per action system of affiliate marketing. The threshold payment here is $50.

4. ClickDealer

ClickDealer TOP CPA Networks

ClickDealer is another user-friendly ad network that makes earning a breeze for affiliates. Of course, you will learn to be at the top of your game traffic-wise.

ClickDealer, just like the already mentioned Ad networks, supports cost per action. That is the type of ad system where customers have to to make special actions have they click on the ads. The minimum threshold payment here is $50.


Above All Offers CPA Network

Over the years, the Above All Offers affiliate network has grown to become a very reliable network for ads. It serves efficient service to both affiliates and advertisers. Above All Offers is one of those affiliate networks that offer 247 services.

Do you have a problem, or do you desire answers to a mind bugging question? Above All Offers has customer care agents that will provide answers at any time of the day. Being able to provide immediate solutions to both advertisers and Affiliates isn’t the only reason why they are reliable.

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Above All Offers also has a very efficient payment system and a mobile responsive website. Above All Offers pay on time, and they have a minimum threshold of $50. A threshold payment that has been adopted by a lot of Ad networks.

6. Panthera Network

Panthera CPA app

Panthera Network is a very straightforward advert firm, that offers Ads service to companies that require effective adverts, adverts that yield good returns. It offers a very simplified platform for advert placers and affiliates. Affiliates get to register their platforms to get approved.

Once approved, affiliates can then display special ads from the given by the platform. Panthera supports different ad systems. Affiliates can make good use of the CPA, CPL, CPS and CPL systems. The minimum threshold payment is $50. Supported payment systems here include PayPal, Wire transfer, Payoneer, ACH, and Check.

7. Cpamatica


Still, haven’t you found your favorite yet? High chance Cpamatica may be the AD network you need. Cpamatica’s operation over the years has alerted customers and affiliates of its awesome services.

It has, over the years, created a prestigious name for itself, a prestigious name that has made it one of the sought after CPA Ad networks today. CPA gives every CPA affiliate a personal account manager, that helps them manage their earnings. The minimum threshold payment for Cpamatica is $50, and they support lots of popular payment cash-out services.


8. Crak Revenue


Crak Revenue houses intuitive features designed to help advert placers gain positive returns and also help affiliate earn more. Crak revenue has a near accurate stats tool that helps the affiliate get near accurate data on his traffic and how the is platform his doing.

Once the affiliate learns about the country that he gets the highest traffic from, the affiliate can go ahead to search for ads that will sell more in those countries, as Crak revenue lets users select country targeted ads. Crak Revenue has a minimum of $100 payment threshold.

9. Admitad

admitad CPA Network

Turns out you have just found one of the most used affiliates AD networks in the world today. Admitad has over the years metamorphosed into an AD network with tons of customers and affiliates. This has helped them build a reputation for being one of the most prestigious AD networks.

AliExpress and a list of other top brands are customers of AdmitAD. AdmiAD also houses some affiliate friendly pecks that make earning on the network a bit easier. Exceptional affiliates get to receive bonuses and higher rates from advertisers.

AdmitAD provides affiliates with tools that make reaching customers a whole lot easier; you are provided with tools like widgets, ReTag containers, product feeds, promo codes, and lots more.

10. CPA Lead

CPA Lead

CPA Lead creates an avenue for publishers to make money off their content. CPA leads support Android Apps, iOS Apps, content lockers, websites and lots more. The story here is pretty simple. Get registered on the platform, get the affiliate code, and begin advertising to earn.

The CPA Lead AD network provides users with banners, native ads, interstitial, pop-under, content locking, and a list of other effective tools to earn via advertisement. The payment system here is also exquisite. CPA Lead has a very friendly payment that is nothing short of being favorable to many. Affiliates get to receive payments every seven days. CPA Lead has a minimum payment threshold of $50.

11. Matomy


Matomy is another highly recommended cost per action network. Matomy comes packed with a lot of beneficial tools that make it an almost perfect AD network. Affiliates’ favorite tools are featured here.

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As an affiliate under the Matomy network, you have the option of selecting different advert methods to attract potential customers. Matomy has a minimum threshold payment of $50.

12. MundoMedia

MundoMedia CPA

Wanna earn more from being an affiliate? MundoMedia gives you that opportunity. MundoMedia is a renowned AD agency that has, over the years, served a lot of top brands that have grown to become highly sought after brands. Lyft is one of the agencies that has patronized MundoMedia.

MundoMedia has set things in place, that makes the earning process seamless for affiliates. Withdrawal from their accounts has also been simplified. MundoMedia has a minimum threshold payment system of $100. Affiliates can withdrawal funds from the majority of the popular payment platforms with ease.

13. W4

W4 Top CPA Affiliate Network Review

With over 1500 registered partners across the globe, W4 is nothing short of a highly sought after platform. It is an AD network that is highly sought after by both companies and publish.

Though both parties have different modes of operation, they both desire to make money off the platform. Companies want their products to go viral so they could make money, while publishers want to advertise the companies products so they can make money off the advertisements.

14. Adscend Media

Adscend Media

Ascend Media is a trustworthy affiliate platform to monetize your content. Ascend Media provides a safe platform where publishers cand advertise and make their money, without any fear. Payments don’t get delayed here, the monetary value of clicks and actions are immediately recorded for transparency.

Advertisers also get to see the real-time stats of how their ADS are doing. Apart from earning via click and actions, super hardworking publishers who have become exceptional also get to earn extra incentives.

15. Convert2Media


Convert2Media concludes this list of the best cost per action networks. Convert2Media is more of a replica of the already listed CPA networks. Cover2Media is a highly placed AD agency that has earned a name for its self in the AD market system, through the effective utilization of dedicated affiliates.

Affiliates get to earn from their content via advert clicks. Click actions are recorded in real-time, and affiliates get to see stats in real-time.

Notable Mention: Dr.cash

dr.cash affiliate network

Dr.cash main course of action is the health & beauty niche: Nutra and adult. This affiliate network is working to improve the experience for its publishers by offering different useful things. Payouts from two times per day, sharing the latest funnels, a great number of active communities in the telegram, financial backing, etc.

The types of offers available at dr.cash are COD, SS, Trial, Trial+Upsell. Almost all GEOs of the world allow publishers to choose the best and most performing offer. The minimum payment here is $5 which makes it super easy to withdraw all your affiliate earnings in record time.

IMHO, Dr.Cash is a super reputable Cost Per Action (CPA) network for both new and established internet/affiliate marketers.

Wrapping it Up:

Despite being featured in this list of the best cost per action networks, there is no telling which of them would be your favorite or totally suit your taste, as not all of the features of these AD networks were treated here. It’s left for you to try a couple of them, find out the one that best suits you and begin earning from them.

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