10 Reasons iPhone is better than Android Phone

iPhone is better than Android; is a  debate that has raged on for years and will probably go on for years to come. Surely we all have had our 2 cent participation in the conversation making bold statements with our own reasons of why we think Apple is better than Google or Google is better than Apple. The truth of the matter is, choosing one platform over the other is a personal choice. A Read On

Top 7 Apps to tweak iPhone 6

There is no denying that Apple’s iPhone 6 is a brilliant piece of kit, both inside and out. Well made, sleekly designed, bursting with power, and pre-loaded with a lot of great apps, that mean you can hit the ground running the second you turn it on. But are there ways to improve it? Certainly! For every default Apple app, there are 1000s of replicas, rip-offs and improvements. There's Read On

24 Hours On My iPhone: The First 10 Apps Installed

Android is and has been my favorite mobile operating system (OS) since my high school days, this explains my reasons for moving from one android device to another. Just recently, I thought about trying another mobile operating system (OS) to see how much they have improved on their interface, experience and user-friendliness. After pondering on whether iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Read On

Must have IPhone & IPad Apps For a Real Estate Business / website

There is no denying that technology can really help improve a business. This is especially true when it comes to the real estate business as smartphones and mobile tablets have changed the way realtors handle their business. Using the iPhone and iPad apps listed below will help you run your real estate business smoothly and more efficiently.Zillow AppThis application is a nice tool to have for Read On

A Buyer's Guide To Phones For Streaming Videos

Everyone has a different priority when they choose their phone. Some may be looking for a great camera experience, others for a superb set of business functions. Those that are looking for excellent streaming should be looking at a number of criteria. These are specifically geared towards the display, the technology involved for connectivity, and the storage capacity.The displayNormally, streaming Read On

Mtn, Airtel, Glo & 9mobile Manual Configuration & Data Subscription Codes

Many are still confused with already discussed data configuration and subscription code for Networks in Nigeria thinking there are separate settings / configuration for Samsung android phones , android galaxy tab, iphone and Ipad But In a simple note they are just the same just slight variation in the location: For Iphone , Ipad or any apple device that can access the internet just go to Read On