5 iOS Monitoring Apps that Spot the Internet Liars

ios monitoring appsSpotting a lair in this digital age is no big deal. Whether it is a cheating spouse, the mysterious activities of your teen/tween or you want to keep tabs on the activities of your employees when you are not around, spying apps for iOS will get you all the details that you need.

They let you monitor and track all activities of the target device in which the spying app is installed remotely. You will have enough evidence (which of course will be accurate) to catch a lair.

With so many choices, we understand it’s hard to pick the right iOS monitoring app. Here, we have shared a list of 5 valuable spying apps for iOS to find the truth:

  1. Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy Mobile Spy is designed for parents to protect teens and tweens online but you can use it for other kinds of snooping too. It only possesses the basic app monitoring feature.

It allows you to create a backup and even export the data that you think will make a great evidence against a lair. It’s easy to use because it has been designed for parents (who aren’t that tech-savvy) to monitor their kids.


  • Call management
  • View SMS and MMS
  • Geo fencing and GPS location tracking
  • Track emails, notes and calendar
  • Monitor and track the web history
  • Block apps and websites remotely
  • View multimedia
  • Track messages on instant messengers like Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Instagram


The basic version starts from $16.66 per month, the premium version costs $29.99 per month and the bundle kit costs $19.16 per month.


Mobile Spy has both jailbreak and no jailbreak versions for iOS. It is compatible with iOS 6 – 8.4 and 9.0.2+.

  1. Copy9

Copy9Copy9 is one of those spying apps for iOS that lets you go through the target device and access the data that you need. Just buy the app, install it in the target device and start monitoring.

It even allows you to remotely send commands to the target device. It’s a perfect tool for parents but you can also use this app for catching a cheater. A nice thing about Copy9 is that it has a 48-hour trial period.

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  • GPS location tracking
  • Monitor instant messages
  • Read call logs and messages
  • Monitor the internet activities
  • Remotely control the target device
  • View multimedia files
  • Keyloggers
  • Record the surroundings


The standard version of Copy9 costs $21.6 per month, premium version costs $25.9 per month whereas Gold feature costs $30.2 per month.


Copy9 is only compatible with those iOS devices that are already jailbroken.

  1. SpyEra

SpyEraIt’s one of those undetectable spying apps for iOS that lets you find the truth about a person, whether it’s your friend, partner or even child.

Along with typical monitoring features like listening to calls, text messages, instant messages and location tracking, its keylogger feature lets you grab even the password for unlocking the iPhone and passwords to social media accounts of the user.

The only drawback is that you will have to jailbreak the iPhone to install and use the app. The app is completely undetectable and it can even hide the Cydia icon and the jailbreak evidence.


  • Live call listening and recording
  • Ambient listening and recording
  • Track IM and multimedia files
  • Spy on SMS and calls
  • Location tracking
  • Spy on emails
  • Hide jailbreak


SypEra costs $49.67 per month. Unfortunately, there is no trial version available because it’s a commercial product and you must purchase it to start monitoring the activities of a target device.


This app is compatible with iOS devices up to 10.2. However, it requires jailbreak to work.

  1. Flexispy

FlexispyFlexispy is another useful app that lets you keep tabs on the computer or smartphone of the person you think is cheating. It lets you find the truth about your child, employees or any other loved one.

It specializes in spying on instant messages from Skype, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat and more. It will be easy for you to catch a liar on these social platforms.


  • Spy on calls and text messages
  • GPS tracking
  • Monitor the IM chats
  • Spy on multimedia files
  • Track the internet actions
  • Spy on applications like Notes, Calendar, Address Book and more
  • Capture keylogs of certain applications
  • Get alerts when a sim card is changed
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The price of the premium version starts from $68 per month whereas, the extreme version starts from $199 per quarter.


Flexispy is compatible with all versions of iOS up to 9.1. It also requires jailbreak to work.

  1. Xnspy

Xnspy iOS appXnspy is an advanced iOS monitoring app especially designed to keep tabs on kids, employees and partners. It actually possesses all the features that you would need to catch a lair. It works in complete stealth mode and it does not influence the performance of the target device either.


  • Monitor phone calls and messages
  • Access instant messenger chats from Facebook, Instagram, iMessages, Kik, WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Viber and more
  • View all multimedia files saved on the device
  • Geo-fencing, location tracking and location monitoring
  • Read emails and monitor web browsing
  • Record phone calls and surroundings
  • Remotely control the target device
  • Get alerts


The basic edition of Xnspy costs $8.33 a month and the Premium Edition costs $12.49 a month.


It has both jailbreak and no jailbreak versions. For jailbreak iPhone, it works on iOS 6.x, 7.x, 8. up to 9.0.2; and for no jailbreak, it works on iOS Versions 6.x, 7.x, 8.x up to 11.0.3.

Wrap up

the best iOS spy appsThe features of all these spying apps for iOS sound exciting but if you want to invest in the right one, Xnspy is recommended.

If you want to use Copy9, SpyEra, or Flexispy you will have to jailbreak first and then install these apps. Mobile Spy, on the other hand, does not require a jailbreak but it’s not offering as many features as the rest.

Xnspy seems to be a valuable choice as it costs less than all other apps and has some neat features too. To find more about this iOS Monitoring App, visit its official website.

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