My 7 Favorite Internet Browsers for Phones and Tablet Devices

It is possible to get similar surfing experience you’d normally get on PCs, Laptops and Mac devices on your mobile devices by adopting either of these browsers. So far, they’re my favorite for Surfing the internet with a smart phone, iPad or Android tablet.

Best 7 mobile internet browsers for Android and iOS

All web browsers do one basic function: to “let you gain access or browse a website, web app and/or intranet apps”. But most of these web pages won’t display properly on poorly designed mobile browsers due to bugs and/or poor user-experience that comes with them .

A mobile web browsing app is definitely the first and most important app that should be installed on your smartphone, having a good one with cool features can change your smart-life experience totally.

Moreover, there are lots and tons of mobile browsers on the internet already, so it will seem difficult for a regular smart phone user to figure which to go for apart from the default one shipped with their cell phone.

This is what prompted me to share my personal preference list of top 7 internet browsers for mobile devices and the specialists from CustomEssayOrder completely agree with my choice.

List of Best 7 Internet Browsers for Better Mobile Surfing Experience

This list is made in no particular order and features my favorite smart phone browsers for smarter internet surfing experience.  You can improve on this list by adding your favorite internet browsers in the comments section.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome for AndroidChrome for iOS


Alphabet a.k.a Google is among the top 5 high-tech companies in the world. Their products are solely based on making the net life fun, smooth and smarter.

The Chrome browser from Google is one of the best, secure, and fastest mobile web browser for smartphone users. It comes with some cool Google services (Google Translate and Google search) pre-installed to give you unmatched browsing experience.

More features of this browser includes:

  • Private browsing (Incognito)
  • Favorites web pages in just one click.
  • Comes with Google safe browsing feature to secure your surfing.
  • Direct and instant save to Google Drive, Facebook, pocket, cloud, etc.
  • Synchronizes all your activities once logged on to your Google account, which makes it easy to get access to all your information while on PC, tablet or mobile.
  • Google voice search.
  • Mobile data saver.

Google has two version; Chrome Browser and Chrome Beta. Google Chrome Beta is a lighter version of the Chrome browser and performs same functions as the former.

You can download Google chrome browser by searching through your mobile OS app store or by clicking on these links. [Chrome for Android] [chrome for iOS].


Mozilla firefoxMozilla for iOS


Firefox browser has been for long (decades) and is still a top-notched web browser for mobile devices, tablets, and computers.

Mozilla as a company is not a profit-oriented enterprise. Its main purpose/aim is to deliver fast, speedy and easy internet for people, not for profit.

“Hi. We’re Mozilla, the proudly non-profit champions of the Internet, helping to keep it healthy, open and accessible to all”

Firefox browser for smartphones is fast and has friendly user-interface. It has two versions; the main Firefox browser and the Firefox Beta. Firefox beta is the lighter version, it occupies less space on your device storage and still performs same functions as the main one.

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Features of Mozilla Firefox include:

  • It’s fast and smart.
  • Share/save web pages, documents and other files directly to your social media accounts, pocket, cloud or Google drive.
  • Intelligent and faster searches across the net.
  • Excellent privacy browsing.
  • Synchronizes your browser data and history so you can get access to them while on PC, Tablet or Mobile. You are required to be logged on to your Mozilla account to enjoy this feature though.
  • Fills form easily and faster with its auto-fill feature.
  • Easy access to your most visited sites and lots more.


Get this awesome internet browsing app from Mozilla installed on your device and watch your browsing experience turn to an outstanding one.

This app is available on Google playstore for Android devices and iTunes store for iOS devices.

Phoenix Browser

Phoenix Browser

Fast, Speedy, easy, light, friendly user interface are some sweet features of this awesome web browser – Phoenix. Currently, this is the default web browser on my device.

Phoenix browser keeps you updated at all time based on the topics in your browsing history. It is developed by Transsion Holdings; a Hi-Tech company which is also the brain behind Tecno smartphones, Infinix Mobility and Itel mobile.

Features of the Browser includes;

  • Fast and steady browsing/downloads.
  • Expedient GPS
  • Allows “No Picture” mode to increase network speed and save data.
  • Anonymous (secret) browsing.
  • Flexible screenshot.
  • Bookmark your favorite sites in one touch.

Here is the download link for Android phones and tablet devices.


UC Browser

UC Browser for AndroidUc Browser for iOS

Right from the early days of JAVA and SYMBIAN phones, Uc browser has been a sort-after web browser. It features ad-blocking functionality which restricts ads from popping up or distracting your mobile browsing experience.

UC Browser is a very popular mobile browser with over 14 million downloads on Google playstore. It has two variants; the UC Browser and UC Browser Mini.

Features of this app includes;

  • Faster downloads with a light-weighted built-in download manager.
  • Smooth and friendly User Experience
  • Cricket Card Feature
  • Excellent data Saving feature
  • Ads Blocker
  • Night browsing mode.

[Download for iPhone] [Download UC browser for Android].


Opera Mini

Opera Browser for AndroidOpera for iOS

Just like the Uc Browser, Opera mini browser is very popular among smart phone users and feature phone users too. It offers free access to some websites and also allows network tweak for faster browsing experience.

Opera Mini web browser lets you visit any website on the cyberspace with less data consumption. It is very light, user-friendly and blocks ads from popping -up while you’re browsing the internet.

Features of the Opera Mini Browser includes;

  • Cricket feature – the easiest way to stay abreast on cricket.
  • Automatic scan on sites with movies and music on Opera extreme mode making it easier for you to download them if you wish.
  • Facebook Notification Bar.
  • Private browsing.
  • Free Basis – ability to get access to some top websites free or without any data charges.
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You can download opera mini for Android, iOS and/or basic feature phones by visiting their official mobile page.


Dolphin Browser for AndroidDolphin for iOS

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has died long ago and the Dolphin web browser has come to take its place. Dolphin Mobile Browser is rated the best internet explorer for smartphone users and it loads at a faster speed.

With over 150million downloads on playstore, Dolphin mobile browser is no doubt the best internet mobile browser one should have in his/her cell phone.

Dolphin browser also comes with cool add-ons, some of which includes; Screen-cut (screenshot), web – PDF editor and converter, jetpack, Android Booster, dolphin translator, battery saver, barcode scanner, Dropbox, etc.

Awesome features of Dolphin internet browser includes;

  • Multi-tabs bar
  • Flash Player
  • Ad Blocker (pop-up blocker)
  • Easy and quick bookmarks/Add-ons Sidebar
  • Personalized quick search
  • Speedy Download
  • Private browsing (incognito)
  • Gesture controls.

[iOS Download link] [Android download link].

CM Browser

CM Browser for Android

As long as mobile browsers exist, this app remains one of the best and most secured mobile browser of all time. CM – Clean Master is owned by Cheetah communications. it is an organization well-known for building quality anti-virus and security apps.

Clean Master Browser is a light mobile internet browser that keeps you safe from the profuse malicious threats we meet daily online. It features rapid surfing speed coupled with good features like Ad Blocker to prevent any form of Pop-ups and/or video Ads.

It is one of the most recommended privacy browsers for smart phone and tablet devices.

Features of CM Browser

  • Easy/Speed Download(s)
  • Ad-Blocking feature.
  • Incognito browsing (Private browsing)
  • Page translator
  • Font size selection (adjustment)
  • diverse search engines
  • Malicious/Malware prevention.

Wrap Up

Thanks for reading through my list of best 7 mobile internet browsers for better surfing experience. As usual, I’ll keep on improving on this list as well as write more on mobile data compression tips.

Do you have any other browser in mind, or maybe a suggestion to give? do drop them through the comment section and I’ll get back to it as soon as I can.

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