10 Best Vault Apps for iPhone and iPad

Despite being personal belongings, there are times where you have to hand your iPhone or iPad to close buddies, who may want to check out your photos, listen to a particular song, e.t.c. These scenarios place your confidential files at the risk of being seen. However, the inventions of vault apps for iPhone and iPad mean we do not have to bother much about our confidential files being seen by third parties or unauthorized persons.

Essentially, Vault apps hide our data from the major channels. A photo or video that’s hidden in a vault-app won’t appear on your gallery. This is a more efficient way to hide your files in comparison to the hidden album system on iOS, as someone who is conversant with the iOS operating system can easily locate the hidden files, this is entirely different with these secured Vault apps.

1. Keepsafe

Keepsave: the Best Vault App for iPhone and iPad

The Keep Safe app comes in as one of the top third party provisions for enthusiasts who desire a more capable system to hide photos and videos. It comes in as a more capable option in comparison to the default system for hiding photos in the iOS photos app.

The Keep Safe app lets you put photos and videos away from people who shouldn’t be viewing them, even if they have access to your iPhone or iPad device. It’s packed with military-grade encryption which helps prevent your files from getting into the wrong hands. What’s more? It features a private cloud that stores deleted files, in times where the files were mistakingly deleted.

2. Photo Lock Vault

Use Photo Lock Vault as Secret Photo Album

The Photo Vault app packs in a ton of exciting features, designed to help you keep your data safe from prying eyes. For starters, the Photo Vault app is one of those vault apps that allows enthusiasts to use PIN Code and Face/Touch ID to secure their data.

It also features a break-in alert system that takes photos of the people who tried prying into your vault. The photo Vault system automatically locks your screen when it senses three wrong password entries. The Photo Vault app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.

3. Private Photo Vault – Pic Safe

Private Photo Vault – Pic Safe

The Private Photo Vault – Pic Safe does not only helps you hide your files from intruders, but it also helps arrange your files in a very comprehensive manner. It features one of the best file management system on iOS vault apps. It allows enthusiasts to create albums, import, and export files.

There’s also the iTunes syncing feature that lets you view your hidden files on the device. What’s more? The Pic Safe app comes packed with a built-in web browser, which harbors downloaded files. The Private Photo Vault app is available on the Apple app store for download.

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4. Secret Photos KYMS

Secret Photos KYMS

Secrete Photos by KYMS is a secured bank for your private files. It lets you choose the type of files you desire to hide. Support on the app ranges from photos, videos, documents, contacts, tasks, passwords, and lots more.

It lets photo hiding enthusiasts pull content from photos and videos from their library, camera, and iTunes, which pretty much touches the main data regions on iPad and iPhones. The Secret Photos by KYMS app is available for download from the Apple App Store.

5. Locker


Do you need a top-notch vault app to securely hide your files on iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices? Then you should totally consider the Locker app. The locker app lets you bring your private files into hiding; this way, you don’t have to bother about people seeing your private files when they get hold of your phone.

What’s left are files that aren’t private. Files hidden in the locker app can be secured with a PIN, Face ID, or Touch ID. iPhone and iPad owners can download the locker app from the Apple App Store.

6. Best Secret Folder

Best Secret Folder

Still, on the topic of the best vault apps for iPhone and iPad, the Locker app is yet another highly recommended app for enthusiasts who wish to keep their files away from prying eyes. Best Secret Folder Locker is packed with an enabling system that keys intruders out of your confidential information.

It offers a very intuitive interface that makes understanding the system a breeze. However, please note that enthusiasts who are running the free edition of the secret folder app are restricted to 25 photos and 11 videos. They can add more, with the condition that they watch ads or pay for the premium package.

7. NS Vault

NS Vault

The NC Vault app for iOS takes things up a notch. It is one of those vault apps that creates a decoy. When launched, the NC Vault appears to be a calculator on the front-end. However, performing special commands reveals its true nature.

It’s a vault-app that disguises as a calculator app, this adds to how secure it is, as it’s going to give intruders a tough time, especially when they have never heard of the NC vault app. You can hide your photos, videos, audio recordings on the NC vault app. The NC vault app is available on the Apple app store for download.

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8. Secret Photo Vault Lock Photos

Secret Photo Vault Lock Photos

Having browsed through the vast list of iOS vault apps, I have a strong conviction you already found something suitable. However, if you really want to explore all the options provided in this article, then you should also consider the Secret photo vault lock photos app.

This app houses the needed features to keep your data away from all prying eyes. It stores your data safely with lock systems. It supports Touch-ID, Face ID, dot code, passcode, and alphanumeric passwords. The Secret photo vault lock photos app is available for download from the Apple App Store.

9. Privacy Vault: Keep Secret


The moniker on this app, which reads “private vault: Keep secret” pretty much explains its purpose. It’s an app that helps you hide your files from your main gallery folders. This way, external bodies who get hold of your iPhone or iPad won’t be able to get access to the files you consider to be confidential.

It offers an intuitive interface that makes the process of hiding files seamless. The Keep Secret app disguises itself as an entirely different app, which makes it difficult for others to tell it’s a private app. It also has an intruder detector that takes photos of people who tried gaining entry without your permission.

 10. Hide Photos Video – Hide It Pro

Hide It Pro

Last but certainly not least on our list of 10 of the best vault apps for iPhone and iPad, is the Hide it pro app. Much like the already listed apps, the Hide it pro app helps you secretly hide your private files from the reach of people you casually hand your phone to. It is a vault-app for hiding your confidential files and documents.

The Hide it pro app can be disguised with an entirely different, to help clear the suspicions that there could be some hidden files hanging around. The Hide it pro app can be download from the Apple app store.

Wrapping up

There you have it – a comprehensive list of the best vault apps for iPhone and iPad devices. If you have any personal favorites or other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. We’ll love to hear you talk about your experiences with hiding videos and photos on the iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices.

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