Top Best Gaming Emulators for iPhone

Generally, Emulators are apps that allow users to run devices virtually in the form of software. A gaming emulator lets users run virtual gaming console on smartphones, tablets e.t.c.  Being able to run these virtual gaming consoles on our smartphones gives us access to games not officially available on the operating system our devices run.

In this article, I will explore a comprehensive list of top best gaming emulators for iPhone. These emulators allow iPhone users to run virtual gaming consoles like the Game Boy, Nintendo, PlayStation, Atari, Sega, etcetera, allowing users to play a large variety of game titles not available for download from the Apple apps store. These gaming emulators are listed below:

1. Delta Emulator

Delta Emulator for iOS

The Delta gaming emulator brings the Nintendo gaming interface alongside Nintendo games to iOS devices. The Delta emulator lets iPhone users play games  Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games on their iPhone.

Load the emulator on your iPhone, and you are presented with a virtual interface that emulates the hardware Nintendo consoles listed. To run games on this Emulator, you are required to import games directly from a web browser, using iTunes sync or via games stored on iCloud. The Delta gaming emulator is highly recommended for those that are enthusiastic about playing Nintendo games.

2. iNDS Emulator

iNDS iOS emulator

The iNDS emulator is yet another emulator designed for Nintendo games lovers. The iNDS emulator lets you play Nintendo games on your iPhone seamlessly. It has a system that lets you search, download and extract game ROMS, which eliminates the need for a computer.

Users are at liberty to customize the iNDS controls. You get to edit the control pad style, Vibration strength, disable touchscreen, change game speed, increase FPS and lots more.

3. Happy Chick Emulator

Happy Chick Emulator for ios

The Happy chick emulator is unarguably one of the best gaming emulators for the iPhone. Its support for a wide range of consoles sets it a higher pedestal when compared to its counterparts. The Happy chick emulator has support for games from more than 18 different consoles, some of which include PPSSPP, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Color, Nintendo, PS1 etcetera.

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Please note that the Happy Chick emulator works on iOS devices running on iOS 13 and above. The Happy chick emulator can be download from

4. GBA4iOS


The GBA4iOS is a Nintendo styled emulator. it supports game titles from Nintendo, Gameboy and lots more. It is highly recommended because of its seamless character. Users can play their loved games on their iPhones, without being bothered about availability on the Apple app store.

The GBA4iOS has support for a large library of retro games. The GBA4iOS emulator works for iOS devices running the operating system up to iOS 9.

5. MeSMU

best gaming emulator iphone 2019

Still, on the topic of best gaming emulators for iPhone, the MeSMU is another highly recommended emulator. It is designed for users who have an interest in playing SNES games.

It is one of those emulators that supports full-screen gaming. You are at liberty to download ZIP and SMC ROM files which powers games played on the virtual console. The Me SMU emulator is supported on iOS devices running iOS 13 or later.

6. Provenance Emulator

Provenance Emulator on iOS 12

Provenance emulator lets you play some of the games not available on the Apple app store. The Provenance emulator is supported on both iOS devices and tvOS. Packed in this emulator are Atari, Bandai, NEC, Nintendo, Sega, SNK and Sony virtual interfaces.

The Provenance emulator system lets users play games at full speed, in an attempt to give a satisfying feeling. This emulator also lets users customize the controls, giving them enjoyable gameplay. The provenance emulator works on the iOS operating system including iOS 13.

7. Gear Boy

Gear boy emulator for ios

The Gear Boy gaming emulator for iPhone is a Nintendo themed gaming emulator with support for Gameboy advance and Gameboy color. You get to play your favorite Nintendo titles. It provides virtual Nintendo controls for playing Nintendo games. It has compressed ROM support. The Gear Boy emulator is supported in iOS devices running iOS 10 to iOS 13.

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8. DolphiniOS Emulator

DolphiniOS emulator

The DolphinOS Emulator increases game title reach on the iPhone. The DolphinOS emulator lets you play Nintendo Wii and Game cube games on your iPhone via a virtual interface.  This emulator has built-in virtual controls that emulate Nintendo controls.

The DolphineOS emulator supports uncompressed dump formats which include GCM/ISO, GCZ, CISO, and WBFS. This emulator is supported on iOS 12 and iOS 13 operating system.


Image result for SNES4iOS emulator for ios

The SNES4iOS is yet another iPhone gaming emulator with support for Nintendo games. It brings the Ninetendo console, as well as top Nintendo games to your iPhone.

The SNE4iOS supports games from all titles. The SNES4iOS system is tuned to make the whole emulator gaming experience enjoyable, as users are offered with a very easy to use interface to the game. This emulator is available to all iOS users running iOS on their devices.

10. RetroArch

RetroArch emulator App

Last but certainly not least, is the RetroArch emulator. The Retro Arch emulator is an emulator that lets enthusiasts play a lot of retro games. Simply put, the RetroArch is a retro gaming console for your iPhone.

The RetroArch system has a plug and plays support, which lets you connect external game controllers to your iPhone, giving a near console experience. The RetroArch emulator also gives you the liberty to record your gameplay and share it with your friends.

Wrapping it Up:

There you have it – a comprehensive list of the best gaming emulators for iPhone. If you have any personal favorites or other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section.

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