The Evolution of Cloud Computing

evolution of cloud computing

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At this point in history, we have all probably heard of cloud computing in one form or another. Whether it be in-depth IT knowledge, or just the ominous ‘cloud’ on Apple products, cloud computing is probably on your radar.

But what is it, exactly? Cloud computing is the method of having access to files, storage services, and applications remotely, through the Internet, rather than on local devices like hard drives and servers.

This has ultimately revolutionized the computing experience and has been especially useful in businesses as it allows access to critical information from anywhere and at any time. Cloud computing has evolved quite a bit since its advent, this article will highlight some of the main points of cloud computing growth over the years.


While we are not all completely familiar with computers as we know them today being around earlier than the eighties, cloud computing has actually been in existence since the 1950s.

However, it did not come into its own until the 1960s when J.C.R. Licklider had the idea for an ‘intergalactic computer network’. He basically thought it was a good idea for people to have access to data anywhere. Sound familiar?

Since this time, however, cloud computing has taken major strides. It took until around 1999 for cloud computing to be introduced to the masses. This is obviously attributed to the commonality of the Internet at this time. was the first service that offered the delivery of applications through one website. This directly paved the way for Amazon Web Services to develop a suite that offered cloud technology like storage and artificial intelligence through Amazon Mechanical Turk in 2002.

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The first widely accessible cloud computing technology then came in 2006, again with Amazon offering Elastic Compute Cloud, or EC2. This was the first widespread commercial cloud computing service and it provided the opportunity for small business to rent computers for computer applications.

This was crucial for the use of cloud computing in businesses, and paved the way for the relevance of the cloud in today’s business practices.

The last big milestone for cloud computing did not come until 2009. The web was in its full swing of popularity and Google finally got on board. The advent of browser-based applications with Google Apps and other application services contributed to the surge of the need for cloud computing.

The streamlining of these services made for the use of them to increase. This naturally caused the need for cloud computing sources to increase and improve over time. When the Internet becomes more reliable and easier to use for the masses, the access to universal software must rise to meet these needs.

This brings us the necessity of the cloud in relation to today. The business world is becoming increasingly competitive and cloud computing is almost a necessity for a thriving business.

The fact that the cloud offers flexibility and increased storage, along with cost efficiency and convenience is undoubtedly a draw for businesses. Since the fact that cloud computing is becoming indispensable to businesses, it is likely that cloud computing technologies are on their way to improving more and more over the years.

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For example, the security issues that some users have about the use of the cloud and important personal information is currently in the process of being worked out. This is essentially the leading cause of the expansion and growth of cloud computing.

The continuous evolution of the cloud is an indisputable fact. One theory about how this evolution will proceed includes the invention of autonomous cars. This is something that is already in the works and can be seen advertised in the newest car commercials.

Another theory is that programmable chips will rise in popularity. This is also something we are already seeing. Google just announced a chip that is designed to speed up the performance of TensorFlow, a deep learning software of its own design.

With the spread of cloud computing in general, and specifically the spread of cloud computing in businesses, it is important for people to be in the know.

With cloud computing rapidly changing, it is necessary for businesses to have experts, so it’s wise to bone up on the matter through cloud training courses, for example. This is in-arguably the best way for people to be first handedly involved in the evolution of the increasingly necessary world of cloud computing.

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