5 Best Ways to Fix OSD Lockout Errors Easily

fix osd lockout error messagesAll computer monitors (LCD or CRT) comes with an inbuilt feature labeled the On Screen Display Lock Out: This feature prevents a user from viewing any object or images on a monitor. The “OSD Lockout error” message might have pissed you off from a computer system many a times and you’re thinking of how to get rid of it? Here, we’ve got the 5 best ways to fix OSD lockout errors easily.

Once this message shows up on your monitor, it restricts you from accessing your monitor settings which makes it very difficult and almost impossible for you to find out exactly what’s causing the OSD lockout error display.

This is my reason for coming up with this short guide on how to easily fix OSD lockout errors in a few minutes.

Top 5 Best Ways to Fix OSD Lockout Error

For those hearing about OSD for the first time, it stands for OScreen Display and it’s a feature that’s packed with most PCs.

There are many ways to remove the OSD lockout error depending on your computer’s brand and model. Under-listed are the easiest ways to fix OSD lockout error on several monitor types.

Method One:

Completely power off the system and remove the monitor cable from its dedicated port behind the system case (CPU). Re-insert the monitor cable and ensure that it’s well fitted into its port then screw it up very well.

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Now, power on the system again but this time: Hold down the monitor power button until you see a message that reads “OSD Unlocked”.

Method Two:

When the OSD lockout error message shows up, scroll down to the “OSD Lock” option using your arrow keys and change the setting to “No”. Press the “Menu” button again to return to the main menu.

Now, scroll to the “Exit” option and press your “Menu” key again to exit from the settings menu. This should remove the OSD lockout error message.

Method Three:

Troubleshoot your monitor carefully by using the guidance on the user-manual that came with the monitor/computer system.

Locate OSD lockout section and read the steps carefully: Follow after the step-by-step instruction on the user-manual to easily remove this error message.

Method Four:

If you’ve tried all the earlier methods and the OSD lockout error message still persists, it is recommended that you try this trick instead.

Press and hold down the menu button for about 15 – 20 seconds. Keep holding the button until the OSD lockout error message goes off completely.

Method Five:

By now if the OSD lockout error message is still showing on your monitor, then, its time to try some technical tasks. Probably, your Menu button may have been stuck in a pressed position. So, you have to release the button as this may be what your monitor needs to clear off the OSD lockout problems.

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Some monitors display the OSD lockout error message when a button is being stuck in a pressed position. To “unstuck” the affected button, you’ll need to open up your monitor (lose the nuts and unveil the skeleton).

This is a technical task. Do not dismantle your monitor or computer system if you don’t trust your technical skills. Consult a qualified technician instead or seek for help from nearby repair shops.

When you have successfully released the affected button, power on your monitor to see if the OSD lockout error message has gone away.

Wrap Up:

These are rock-solid troubleshooting tips to help you fix OSD lockout error messages on monitors of all brands. You can simply contact your monitor manufacturer for a replacement if the monitor is still under warranty.

I’ll be around to answer any question on computer systems, fixing OSD lockout problem and similar PC monitor challenges. Feel free to join the discussion by using the comment system below.

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