Kim Fly Master M6 Detailed Review, Specs and Price

As we wake to a new day, so also do we wake up to meet new mobile OEM’s. On my research on the most affordable smartphones, I stumbled on this mobile phone manufacturing company with a kinda weird name “KimFly“.

They are not as popular as Xiaomi and Meizu, but has produced some successful products in the past. I bought the Kim Fly master M6 smart phone and thought it wise to put up a review after using it for sometime already.

Here, I will be writing a detailed review of Kim Fly M6 Android Smart Phone, its specs, feature and price in Nigeria.

Unboxing the Device

Kim Fly M6 isn’t one of those luxury Chinese OEM devices and so didn’t come with so much goodies in the box. Only the basic or usual things with smart phones of this price range was packed in the box.

Kimfly M6


  • a USB Charger.
  • an Earpiece for music and media.
  • a USB data cable.
  • a transparent protective rubber pouch.


KimFly Master M6 Android 6.0 Smart Phone Review

Kim Fly M6 is a budget smart phone. One should ordinarily not expect  so much from a budget low-end phone of this price range.

Design and Aesthetics

Currently, every recent smartphone seems to be packed with full metal body build aesthetics. The Kimfly M6 was not left out, it has a sleek full metal body design. It is very light to carry and fits firmly into the palm. The M6 is available in gray, white and gold colors.

M6 design and body build

Display and Screen properties

M6 features a 5.0″, 2.5D arc IPS capacitive touch screen with 480 X 854 pixels. With this huge screen size, you can see clearly while operating the smartphone.

M6 Screen and display

Network and Connectivity

Kimfly M6 didn’t come with the latest 4G LTE network, but its 3G network delivers fast and smooth internet browsing.

More connectivity features of this smartphone includes; 3.0 Bluetooth, Wi-Fi; IEEE802.11b/g/n and A-GPS.

M6 Screen and display

Platform and Operating system.

The smartphone runs on Google Android 6.0 OS (Marshmallow) and is greatly optimized for performance and multi-tasking.

This Android version is by far better than the previous/earlier Android versions (Kitkat and Lollipop) and lets you customize your device the way it suits you.

kim fly m6 android OS version


The camera life of the M6 is not really a good one. It comes with a 5MP rear shooter and 2MP front camera. This is not quite impressive and is considerably  poor. Minimum of 8MP seems to be the new market standard for budget cell phones.

The picture quality isn’t bad considering the samples we’ve shot so far. It sure measures up to its price tag.

M6 camera

Storage and Hardware

Kimfly M6 is powered by MediaTek SC7731C Cortex A7 quad core, 1.2GHz and a cool Mali-400 MP2 GPU for graphic processing. This is good enough for basic operation, apps and/or media.

It also houses an 8GB of ROM and a scrappy 512 RAM. The RAM is not encourage-able considering what’s obtainable in today’s mobile market.  The storage can be extended to 32GB via Micro-SD card.

kim fly m6 specs


Kim Fly master M6 smart phone is powered by a 2,800mAh Li-Ion battery. It can last for as long as 72 hours on standby and about18 hours on normal usage.

Kimfly M6 Battery life

Our Review and Verdict

Looking at the surface, KimFly master M6 looks great and perfect for the low-price it is being retailed at. But the caveat is this; you’d hardly enjoy the phone.

This is because it laced with highly inferior components that will definitely give you issues in the long run, to the point you’d prefer adding little more $$$ to your current budget and go for a better smart phone instead.

The copy we used for this review got its electronic panel fried just under two months of regular use. Lucky enough for us, there’s a KIm Fly customer service center around here who billed us NGN8,000 to order for a replacement panel.

So far, the device is working fine two weeks after the change of its electronic panel. We’ll update this section after 4 months of active use if there’s need for it.

In all, we don’t recommend Kim Fly master M6 smart phone as our experience with it was really poor. We’d advice you opt for any of Tecno or Gionee Smart-Phones within this price range.


The Kimfly M6 smart phone is a low-entry device sold for cheap. It is not quite an impressive device considering the hardware specs and over-all features.

The unit I’m using for this review was bought for NGN21,000. You can purchase Kim Fly or any other smart phone of choice one from Jumia, Konga, Jiji, Gearbest and/or any of the top online shopping malls.

We would love to hear your thoughts on Kim Fly master m6 smart phone and/or any of their products you’ve used in the past. Use the comment section below to share with us.

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  1. Daniel says:

    I use Kimfly M6 android 6.0 I bought at N32,000. It is very slow in all its fuctions ranging from delay even in opening phone book to internet browsing. It hangs and will not function. The keypad is sensitive to a fault, you punch A and it will give you all the letters around A, thus while writing, maximum precision is required which stressful and annoying. It is not alluring with Google play store apps and on checking it happens to be UNCERTIFIED. And many more anormallies too numerous to mention. What do i do because I am really regrating buying the phone and will not see and allow even my enemy to go for it. I really need to know if there is any thing I can do to correct some if the anomalies.

    • Hi Daniel,

      Seems like your internal memory is filled up. You can free up some space by clearing cache, history, non-frequently used apps and similar.

    • Samuel Ebuka Odamah says:

      Hello Daniel,

      Your Kimfly M6 is slow/sluggish because it has a very poor RAM. Here is a likely solution to free up your RAM and make your Kimfly perform with no/less sluggishness.

      Buy a NEW Memory card and Install it as Internal Storage, not Portable Storage. If your media card (Memory card) is installed as Internal storage it creates more space for your device apps to function properly and frees up your RAM to some level.

      Other abnormalities you mentioned can be linked to the company’s mistakes while coupling, so i advice you look for the nearest Kimfly office and request for a change of panel.

  2. NNAEMEKA says:

    I just bought the phone for 37k haven’t even opened or used it for one day and I just decided to research it and with what am reading here, am so discouraged and wish to sell it. Am a heavy user, so both battery and Ram has failed me. my mistake is I should have made this research before paying Mtcheeew. please if you want to buy drop comment

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